Tale as Old as Time: Old or New?

Yesterday, like a lot of you, I listened to Beauty and the Beast. The new Beauty and the Beast, sung by Arianna Grande and John Legend. On paper, they are a perfect duet, and can both sing beautifully. We all heard a snippet of the song in the last and final trailer of the new live-action remake. Majority of fans liked what they heard, even though it was a tiny piece of it.

Now this movie has A LOT of expectation riding on it. Both from me and all the other fans around the world waiting to see it. This film cannot disappoint us. So far, from what we’ve seen from the trailers and posters, we are happy with the choice of cast, the sound of Emma Watson’s voice, and the look of the Beast. Oh and for me, Luke Evans is the PERFECT Gaston!

But the famous ballad, both sang by Angela Lansbury during the iconic ballroom scene, and then released as a single by Celine Dion and Peobo Bryson is a big part of the original animated feature film. Beauty and the Beast the title song was a huge hit when it was released. Some fans prefer Angela’s version, others prefer Celine and Peobo’s. For me, Celine Dion and Peobo Bryson sing it the best. It’s such a romantic piece of music. So much so, my husband and I danced to it as our “first dance” on our wedding day.

Since the release of Beauty and the Beast, Celine Dion has become a singing legend. Her career is unbelievable. And even though she was already a successful, known singer in Canada, France and in the U.S. I only heard her for the first time when she sang with Peobo. I fell in love with her. Her voice has been heard ever since throughout my life.
So for me, it was very important for the title track to be sung by someone, or a duo who would do it justice, but also make it their own. I knew I didn’t want to hear someone trying to copy the original. I wanted to hear something different, but I also needed to hear respect paid to the original.

After hearing the new version yesterday, I am now a bit nervous. I’m worried that we’ve only been shown the “best” bits. This is the first time I’ve felt this about the remake. It’s all because of how disappointed I was listening to the title track. IT should have given me goosebumps and made me teary. Instead, i felt confused. I thought I was going to be hearing a beautiful ballad. But I heard a drum beat and a bit of pop. This was not what I expected.
Apparently the man in charge of the new arrangement has a 37 year career in music, in particular, movie soundtracks. And yet, he has ruined one of film’s greatest love songs. I cannot fault Arianna Grande one bit. John Legend however was a bit weak. He didn’t really need to be singing on the song, his voice just wasn’t powerful enough.
A part of me now wishes they had re-united Celine and Peobo to re-do the song. Someone like David Foster would have been better at making a new arrangement to the song too. What do you think? Or Have I not given the new version a chance?

Maybe because this movie means so much to me, the slightest mistake I feel they are making spoils it for me. This song is VERY important to me, and I think they have ruined it. It’s not an up-beat song, its a ballad. It’s supposed to make you feel love, romance, and happiness. It’s not supposed to make you want to boogie!


Well there’s nothing I can do about it. On a positive note though, I can’t wait to her Celine’s song for the movie! So glad she is past of the soundtrack, even if it is a new song.

Do you think I need to give the song another chance? Or did you like the new version?

I’m going to do a poll on this on twitter because I really want to know which version you prefer, so when you see it, place your vote.


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