Disneyland Paris -What’s Missing?

I recently came across some interesting photos, a new dining experience aboard The Disney Cruise line. It looked really good, but all I could think about was why is onboard the cruise line, and not in Disneyland Paris?
This particular dinging experience would be perfect for Disneyland Paris, because it’s Tiana’s Place. Yes, that’s right, Disney has brought to life the restaurant our most modern Disney Princess dreamed of opening. The happy ending to The Princess and the Frog is alive for Cruise guests to experience. Tiana herself greets guests in her roaring 20’s white gown and feather boa, along with Louis and Prince Naveen.

Shouldn’t this magical experience be at Disneyland Paris though? I mean, Tiana’s story is set in New Orleans, which is famous for being related to France. Currently you can meet Naveen and Tiana in Frontierland, at DLP, but a restaurant experience would be so much better, and more respectable for that film and it’s characters, don’t you think?

I do feel the park is missing a lot of experiences that is related to the park’s setting. The only relatable experience there, is Ratatouille. Pixar’s popular chef is situated at Hollywood Studios, with a ride and a restaurant for guests. A film set in Paris, and can be experienced in Paris.

Beauty and the Beast is another Disney classic set in France, which is greatly missed at Disneyland Paris. I mean it’s one of the most popular classics among Disney fans, so it’s surprising to know there isn’t much to experience around the film at DLP, or any of the other parks for that matter, well except the Be Our Guest restaurant.

When Disneyland Paris first opened nearly 25 years ago, Beauty and the Beast had already been released in America. You would have thought they’d have built an experience based on the film for the opening of the park in Fantasyland. A story ride like Pinocchio, with a restaurant and character meet and greet. I wonder why that never happened?

I get that to build a new ride or restaurant or land for that matter, at any of the parks, it’s a big job, and can be an inconvenience to guests. However, sometimes I feel there needs to be more thought put into the parks, in terms of their unique experiences.
Disney Parks are found on three different continents, and although it’s about making sure as many guests can visit a park, I do think each park needs to be different. Those who are lucky enough to visit more than one park, they don’t want to make the journey to find the same attractions.

Do you think DLP could have more experiences based on the European stories? Do you think it’s missing certain rides or restaurants that could be unique to the park? What would you like to see at DLP?

“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” – Walt Disney



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