Beauty and the Beast: Excitement is Building!

With less than a week until we see Emma Watson play one of our favourite Disney Princesses, and Luke Evans flirt his way into our hearts as Gaston. The excitement is building! And there’s no getting away from it. The trailer is always on TV, floating around on Facebook and popping up on Twitter.
My mum and I got ourselves in a state while watching every clip there was available on youtube from the upcoming live action remake. We watched short clips, and sneak peaks from the set, and listened to some of the music. We are so excited to watch it. We want to see it now!

And I am so happy to see Beauty and the Beast merchandise EVERYWHERE! Just stalk Instagram, Facebook or any social media platform, and you will find pictures of the new merchandise for both the remake and the original. Yesterday I could have gone MAD in Primark! I did treat myself to a new toiletry bag, but I wanted the make up bag as well, and the Pyjamas, and the pants and the tee! I stayed strong, and resisted.


To see so much choice in different retailers and so many different designs, I am able to re-live the excitement I first felt when I saw the original animated film 26 years ago. I had the duvet set, the lunch box, the glitter tumbler with plastic plate and table mat. I had the dolls, and plush, the pyjamas, the figurines.

I will have to wait a little bit longer to see the new film though, as my mum wants to see it so badly too. Luckily she will be here for Mother’s Day visiting, so we are having a girlie day with my sister, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. We are all going together to see it and then get some food after and talk about how wonderful the film was!
It’s going to be so hard to not hear, or read, the reactions from people who do see it before me, but I am definitely not reading any reviews. I have to go in with an open mind. This film means so much to me and my fingers and toes are all crossed in the hopes I love the live-action remake as much as I love the animated feature.

Oh and I’ve already listened to snippets from the soundtrack, which was released yesterday! I love Celine Dion’s song, but I think Josh Groben’s is my favourite. AND, I was happy with Emma Thompson’s version of Beauty and the Beast. I didn’t even know she could sing!

I’m just SO EXCITED!!!!! Are you excited? Of course you are, of course you are… I still can’t believe it’s been made, and I’ll be seeing it in a couple of weeks. It has been such a build up, and we’ve known about it for so long, it has taken ages for it to get to the cinema. But it’s not long now.
So to those of you, who go see it on the release day and any day before I do, I really hope you are not disappointed, and that you love it, and cherish it and it continues to be one of your favourite Disney films.

“It’s not until you lose everything, that you can truly appreciate everything.” – Belle


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