Our Disney Guest Room

I remember the first time I stayed with my Uncles down in London. It was when they took me to Euro Disney for my 6th birthday. They lived in London due to work, so we didn’t see them all the time, but I loved going down to London for visits. One of the best things about visiting my uncles was that I got to sleep in their Disney guest room!
It was filled with limited edition pictures, figurines, snow globes and books. I would stare at everything, wishing it was all in my room back home. Then when I got older, I knew I wanted to create my own Disney guest room when I got my own house.

Over the years I have grown my own collection, from ornaments, to snow globes, lithographs to picture frames. So when I moved back to the UK to live with Ben, I dragged all my Disney belongings with me knowing one day they would be on display in my very own guest room.
It wouldn’t be though, until we bought our first house, 5 years ago, that I would create my first Disney guest room. And working at the Disney Store for 5 years, my collection had grown even bigger!

Now that we have moved again, and living in what will hopefully be our “forever home” I am creating the new Disney guest room. It’s still not finished, but I thought you’d like to see how it looks so far…

I still haven’t got any pictures up, as I’m staying away from nailing and screwing on the new, fresh walls. I’m taking my time, and when I am 100% happy with what I choose, then I’ll put pictures up.
For now, there’s some of my original collection, like my Villains dolls, and my snowglobes. But we’ve added some of our latest treasures from Disneyland Paris, along with what I added from working at the Disney store. I still actually have a few things still not out, but I think I need some shelves lol.

The Jungle Book bedding was a recent purchase from the brilliant Primark. I was actually planning on buying plain bedding, but when I spotted the bedding on @Disneyfind last month, I thought that bedset would be perfect. Luckily I have two Primarks in Leicester, and the bigger one in town had the duvet set, but only in King size. I took the risk, and bought it anyway, and thankfully, the double duvet I got from Mother Dearest was big enough for it to fit!


My mum has already stayed in the Disney Guest room, but I can’t wait for our friends to stay over. I think they’ll love it, and want to come and stay again! Just like you would at a Disneyland hotel. I just need to get complimentary toiletry set for the guests hehe!

I will keep you up to date with any further changes or additions to the room, especially on my instagram.
What about you, do you have a room in your house with all your Disney treasures? Or maybe you have a space in your bedroom, or like me, have managed to turn your guest room into a Disney hotel room? I’d love to know and of course would love to see pictures.


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