Mary Poppins Returns: What We Know So Far

Have you seen the set photos that have been released of Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel? Doesn’t Emily Blunt look FAB?! In my opinion, she is a great choice to play Mary Poppins. Although she is under A LOT of pressure too. No doubt she would have grown up having watched the original film and probably knows a lot of the songs like most of us do.


She cannot mess this up, as there is huge expectation on her to get it right. It seems crazy to think someone could do it better than Julie Andrews, but in order for this movie to work and be a hit with fans, that’s exactly what Blunt needs to be: Better!

IMG_8956Now we know this is not a remake (although no one was sure for a while) and this story is going to be based around Jane and Michael as adults, and Michael’s three children, who require help from Mary Poppins after suffering a personal loss. I’m guessing their mother dies, and Michael isn’t coping very well, which means the children have suffered. But we’ll see, just a guess lol.

Lin-Manuel’s character is called Jack and he is a lamp lighter. He is obviously going to be the “Bert” character of the film and no doubt will assist Poppins in singing a song or two!


Although, Dick Van Dyke has confirmed he will be appearing in the film, which is lovely. He is a massive Disney Legend and despite being 90 years old, still loves to perform. So I’m hoping we get a song from him too, maybe with the new Mary Poppins.

Meryl Streep and Angela Lansbury are also going to star, but have no idea how big their roles are. Streep’s character is called Topsy and Lansbury is playing a balloon lady.
No word of Julie Andrews making an appearance, however I’m sure she will have some sort of cameo, surely!?

Well we’ll find out December 25th 2018 when the movie is released. That’s if no ones leaks spoilers before hand of course! But as a fan of the original, I am really looking forward to seeing this sequel and I have every faith in director Rob Marshel and Lin-Manuel’s song writing talents, that we are in for a treat!

Are you excited to see the famous nanny again? Do you think it sounds good so far?



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