My Disney Baby Turns 2!

On Monday 20th March, Jacob will officially become a toddler. No more can he be called a baby. My gorgeous lil prince will be 2 on his birthday. Not yet talking, but walking, running, climbing, jumping, throwing, dancing and best of all, laughing, while needing me less and less.

But due to my Neverland Pirate not understanding as of yet that it will be his birthday, we decided to do something different. We are decorating his new room!

Yeah I know, not as fun, but he is of the age where we can get away with not throwing a massive party and not giving him loads of toys.

Although what we have planned for his room is so exciting, and he will LOVE IT! We are sticking with Mickey Mouse because he still watches MMCH and still loves Mickey. He knows all the characters and if you say any of their names, he knows who you’re talking about, and sometimes digs the toys out to show you he knows.

Along with new furniture from IKEA, we are surprising Jacob with a new Mickey Mouse toddler bed. Yep, “hot dog!” as well as two sets of new Mickey Mouse bedding, Jacob will be moving out of the cotbed and into his first “big boy” bed. Of course myself and Daddy are aware we are in for some long nights of Jacob climbing out and not going to sleep. It’s part and parcel of having children. But “oh boy” I can’t wait to see Jacobs face when he sees his new bed and new room.

Due to my Disney madness, I am so excited about Jacob’s new room, and I can’t wait to open the door on his birthday in the morning and seeing his face. I hope he runs to his new bed and jumps on it!

You’ll have to keep an eye on my Instagram account Monday, cus I will be posting LOADS of photos throughout the day of his room and his other Disney presents. There might even be an appearance from a couple of hungry rats…




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