The Most Forgotten Disney Film

There’s a few Disney animated films that are underrated, under appreciated or completely forgotten about! We’ve discussed this topic during Disney chats on twitter, and with friends and family and even at work. But there’s one film I ALWAYS forget about… and I think you might agree with me on this one…

Home on the Range.

It was supposed to be the last hand-drawn animated feature film made by Disney Animation Studios. It includes a very impressive cast, with the voice talents of Judi Dench, Roseanne Barr, Jennifer Tilly, Cuba Gooding Jr., Randy Quaid and Steve Buscemi.


However the story is not very good, as it’s about three cows that go on an adventure to catch an outlaw, in order to save their farm. A very predictable story, as the three cows don’t work well together at first but learn to in the end blah blah.

What I do like about this film though, is the soundtrack, despite it not being that memorable either. Written mainly by Alan Menkin, the genius and Disney musical legend. My favourite song is “Little patch of heaven” sung by the amazing K D Lang. However, I bet you can’t even remember how this song goes. I can only sing a long to a bit of the chorus, I’ve not seen the film enough times to know more of the words.
The country sound and feel to the music could be the reason why it’s not the best from a Disney classic, or Menkin for that matter. And yet, Menkin and Disney both come back with a bang, and a successful Disney classic with Tangled, which would be released 6 years later.

This film was released in 2004, right in the middle of the run of flops released by Disney at the time. It wouldn’t be for another 4 years, with the release of Bolt, that Disney would start to make great stories again.


Despite all the talent behind the making of this film, it’s really the story that is the biggest fail and reason why it’s forgettable. I really hope this doesn’t happen again, as Disney is having an extremely good run of hits at the moment.

But what about you, which film do you always forget about? Or do you agree with me on Home on the Range being the most forgettable?

“They’re family. You don’t sell family!” – Pearl




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