Mother’s Day

Today I’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day as a Mum, with my own Mum, my sister who is also a mum, and my Mother and Sister-in-law. It’s nice to spend this day together with us all being mummy’s now. Although my own mum still looks at me and my sister and sees her little girls, and sometimes forgets we are grown up and have children of our own.

My mum would always try to explain her madness when it came to loving me and my sister. When you’re young, especially a teenager, you just think she’s over-reacting or crazy. You start to appreciate her better as you get older, and then when you become a mum yourself, you instantly get what she tried to explain all those years ago.
The love you have for your child/children is a love you’ve never had or experienced before. And it is very hard to explain as well. But all of a sudden, nothing else matters but them. Everything you do is for them, and you’ll do anything to protect them.


Whether it’s your mum, auntie, grandmother or father, I hope you are able to celebrate today with whoever it is that you cherish, love and are thankful for, for raising you, or guiding you, or helping you become the person you are now.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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