Finding ME!

So I have 3 weeks till baby no. 2 is due, not that I’m expecting him to be on time. If anything I think he’s going to be very late! Which is fine, as long as it’s May 4th – because it would be super cool to have my baby born on Star Wars day.
Anyhoo, I’m starting to think about what I want to do during my year off and I don’t want it to go to waste. Now you’ll probably have already noticed my recent pics of drawings I’ve been doing which has taken over my Instagram and twitter page: Apologies. I have wanted to get back into my drawing for ages. I made a small attempt when I was off after having Jacob, but I very quickly stopped again. I don’t want to make that mistake. This time I’m going to try very hard to keep going.
If you’ve seen my drawings so far, and like them, please send me ideas and suggestions that you’d like to see. It will keep me motivated. I’m not doing it for money, I’m doing it for ME.

I’ve also started to think of ideas of how I want to get back into shape. I didn’t make a massive effort after Jacob, but I didn’t put on weight either, which is a good thing I suppose. But this time, I want to get back to my size 10, and as motivation for myself, I am throwing EVERYTHING OUT and replacing it with NEW!
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my food, so I don’t plan on doing a silly diet, but I have to reduce my portion sizes. And I do not do gym. So I’m hoping Jacob is going to keep me active, and I’m going to introduce ways of exercise while I’m moving around the house, like lunges, squats and running up and down the stairs.
Hopefully, I will slowly get back to ME.

I’m looking forward to enjoying our new house as well. It was very hard moving and not being able to do a lot. It has also been extremely frustrating having to rely on Ben to do things for me in terms of decor and DIY, because I HATE WAITING. I have been able to do some bits, as you’ll know from the Disney guest room and Jacob’s Mickey bedroom, but it was hard for me.
I have a lot of crafty ideas and DIY ideas for the house too which I’m dying to get on with after the baby, because I can’t do it while nearly 9 months pregnant. So be prepared after my return from the maternity ward, you’re going to see more pics on Instagram of the house and what I’ve been getting on with.

Being pregnant is of course a wonderful thing, because it’s amazing what your body does, and how it transforms in order to grow this tiny human being. BUT – I can’t wait to get my body back! I feel like this pregnancy has been the longest EVER! And I still have 3 weeks to go!
I am now counting down the days till I can have a MASSIVE GLASS OF PROSECCO! I have three bottles already waiting for me. Oh and I am looking forward to peeing normally again. Trust me when I say, the pressure on my bladder is getting unbearable.
So it’s getting closer to the finish line, and closer to being ME again. Well I’ll have another mouth to feed, another man in the house relying on me to do everything for him. However I will make sure to make time for ME.

Oh, and as it is getting closer to the due date, my blogging is NOT going to be regular. I’m sure you can understand, and obviously once I’ve gone through the joy of labour and given birth to the little Beast, it may be a while until you hear from me.


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