Disney Baby Clothes Round 2

I don’t write a lot of “mummy” type blog posts, but anything Disney related I’m happy to talk about, and this topic I certainly have a lot to say about, and it’s also mummy related.
Luckily, I kept a lot of Jacob’s clothes, mostly good quality and mostly the Disney items of clothing. Even if I was having a girl, I didn’t care, because girls can wear blue and they can certainly wear Mickey Mouse as well as boys. However, we are having a boy, as far as we are aware anyway. So we have saved a lot of money, but, I don’t want the new baby to be wearing only hand-me-downs from his older brother. We have bought some new bits for him, and while organising the clothes, I realised I didn’t keep any of the newborn sizes. Can’t remember why.
Good job we checked as we have had time to get newborn clothes, and it meant that I could buy some new outfits for the little sun-spot. But you know something, I’ve struggled a bit with buying Mickey Mouse outfits for him in newborn. As usual I can easily find Winnie the Pooh or Tigger, which annoys me a little cus I’m more Mickey. In saying that, I have given in this time and purchased some bits with Winnie and Tigger on them. Only because I actually liked them, I liked the colours and the pattern, and they were sleep-suits which is what I was wanting.

Sleep-suits are so much easier for newborns, than faffing around with proper outfits, because all they are interested in anyway is eating, pooping and sleeping. So I don’t bother with cute outfits until nearly 3 months old.

Thanks to the internet and obviously, social media, we can see where to buy all these cute little outfits, thanks to many mums and family members sharing their pictures. One person I’d like to mention is DisneyFind. You will find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Everyday they post pictures of Disney merchandise which you can buy, and where to buy them. They’re Instagram in particular has thousands of followers, me being one of them. And thanks to DisneyFind I found lots of very cute clothes for babies which I can purchase in Primark, Matalan, Asda and The Disney Store. It’s saved me the bother of “shopping around” myself.
Not having a Disney Store here in Leicester anymore means I rely a lot on DisneyFind’s page, and recently they posted pictures of the new Mickey and Stitch Baby range. I got a beautiful Mickey gift set online, which comes with a cute Mickey rattle, an outfit, hat and muslin cloths. Oh and I got two pairs of socks as well.

However, compared to other retailers, such as Primark, and because it is Baby clothes, I’d rather get more for my money. So even though the Baby range at The Disney Store is adorable, like the Stitch range, I can get two outfits in Primark for the price of one from The Disney Store. This may not be an issue for other mums, but knowing how many times these clothes are gona get sick, milk, poop and pee on them, and only fit for a very short while, I will choose the cheaper option.

Despite my struggle to find specific Mickey items of clothing, there’s no denying that the high street and supermarkets have made it very easy to buy lovely outfits with your favourite Disney characters for your bundle of joy.
I do find though, that the girls clothing range tends to be that little bit better. Right now Primark has a gorgeous Bambi and Minnie Mouse range of clothes for newborn babies, which includes cute little tu-tus attached to the bodysuits. As a mum and a Disney fan, it’s probably a good job I’m having a boy, cus you can go CRAZY with some of the ranges out there for baby girls. I mean have you seen the Alice in Wonderland Baby range at The Disney Store? ADORABLE!

So to summarise, for Disney mums to be, you can go mad, and smother your little one with outfits covered in Minnie, Mickey, Nemo, The White Rabbit, Stitch, Bambi, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too!

Have fun shopping!


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