Disneyland Paris: 15 CORRECT Facts

It’s been a very exciting week for Disneyland Paris, celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary. I’m sure if you’re a fan of Disney you would have already seen the photos and videos that have been uploaded on social media, unless you’re there yourself, enjoying the festivities!
In celebration of this special birthday, The Sun posted an article online, which my fellow Disney Blogger Emily shared on Facebook. But this was shared due to the lack of research the “writer” had done before posting their article. You can read the article here, but it’s supposed to be a fun fact piece about DLP. Unfortunately though, most of the facts are actually based on other Disney Parks, in particular, Walt Disney World! For example, they refer to the castle as “Cinderella’s Castle”, which in the case of DLP, is SO WRONG!

So I thought I would gather some facts I knew about the park, that were true, as well as do some real research myself. And so here are 15 CORRECT facts about Disneyland Paris…

* Disneyland Paris opened on April 12th 1992

* It has two theme parks: Disneyland Park & Walt Disney Studios

* It was originally called Euro Disney Resort

* There were plans in place to open a second park based on MGM/Hollywood Studios, which would have opened by 1996. But due to the financial problems during the Park’s first few years, the plans were put on hold

* However, Walt Disney Studios opened on March 16th 2002

* 2002 was also the year of the renaming of the park to Disneyland Resort Paris

* Marne-la-Vallée was chosen as the location for the first Disneyland in Europe because of its proximity to Paris and its central location in Western Europe. This location was estimated to be no more than a four-hour drive for 68 million people and no more than a two-hour flight for a further 300 million.

* All 7 hotels located in the park represent a different theme of America

Disneyland Hotel: American-Victorian theme
Disney’s Hotel New York: NYC theme
Disney’s Newport Bay Club: New England
Disney’s Sequoia Lodge: American National Park Lodge
Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne: American Old West
Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe: American South West
Disney’s Davy Crocket Ranch: Wilderness

* 31st May 1995 Space Mountain opened, and Elton John sang at the opening ceremony!

* As the complex is so big, shuttle buses take cast members to different parts of the park via roads behind the parks.

* Last year the park recieved 13.4 million visitors (which included me and Ben)

* There are 5 themed lands and a Mainstreet in Disneyland Park:

Festival Disney
Mainstreet USA

* The Castle situated at the centre of Disneyland Park is based on Sleeping Beauty

* The story of Sleeping Beauty is told through hand made stained glass windows, which guests can visit inside the Castle

* The Castle at DLP is also the only one with a Dragon underneath in a cave, designed from old European folklore.

You may already know most of these facts about DLP, but at least you know them to be true! There are so many articles and posts out there claiming to know facts about all sorts of things, and when you’re a fan of something and read an article like the one above by The Sun, it makes you angry. That’s how I felt when I read it, and plus, that “writer” got paid for that, and it was wrong!? But it won’t be the last to get it wrong either unfortunately.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and if you’re celebrating Easter, or just spending time with Family and Friends, I hope you have a super time stuffing your face with CHOCOLATE, and that the Sun comes out!


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