GOTG Awesome Mix Vol 2: Track List

Yesterday the official track list for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was released. The album is not yet available to buy until 21st April. I have been so excited to find out what songs James Gunn has picked for the sequel because the first album was SO GOOD! I would never have put all the tracks together and yet I’ve lost count how many times I’ve sang along to them all.

My excitement for this second album can be felt through a post I did last year where I selected a few songs I felt could possibly be in the sequel. You can see what I chose here. And I wasn’t the only fan who did this kind of post. Comic and Movieweb did their own posts on it too. Which shows how anticipated this second album really was.

However… to my disappointment none of my choices or anyone’s choices for that matter were featured on the track list that was released yesterday. There isn’t even a Bowie track! Now first glancing at the songs I thought I knew a couple, but I searched all  14 songs on YouTube and I recognised two. 

In case you haven’t seen the list yourself here are the 14 songs featured on Awesome Mix Vol 2:

After listening to all the songs myself, the first track Blue Sky is the only one that felt right to me. I’d never heard of it before but i could straight away imagine it being part of the film. It felt like a Guardians track to me.

A few of the songs like The Chain and Father & Son surprised me because of how sad they sounded. They don’t feel like songs that Peter’s mum would put on a mixed tape that was “Awesome”.

But despite my first impressions of the list, I trust James Gunn and his crew and I’m confident that all the songs sound brilliant while watching the movie. I’m just in no rush to buy the second album.

I’m actually watching Guardians of the Galaxy while typing this. Seems only fitting! 

What’s your first impressions of the track list? Do you know any of the songs featured? I’d love to read your thoughts!


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