Disney’s Aladdin: The Genie’s New Voice

If you’ve been on social media in the week, which I’m sure you have, you would have read the recent rumour involving Disney and Will Smith. It may have come as a surprise to you too, and like me, never even considered The Fresh Prince for the rumoured iconic role. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you need to keep reading!

As we are all aware Disney plans on re-making most of its animated classics into live action movies. This is not only due to the success of the recent live action remakes that have been released (The Jungle Book, Maleficent & Beauty and the Beast) but also to bring the classics to a modern audience and for new generations to love them.

One of the confirmed classics to be remade is Aladdin and it’s currently in pre-production (I.e. They are getting it ready to start filming soon). But despite the broadway and west end success of the musical, fans like myself are concerned as to who will play the iconic role of The Genie.

The late Robin Williams IS The Genie, or should I say, The Genie IS Robin Williams. He made that character, and even recorded 16 hours worth of the Genie who was designed and animated based on Robin’s recordings. So yeah The Genie is definitely Robin Williams.

This gives us a problem. How can someone else play that role? I believe the character has to be written completely different in order for someone new to inhabit the role. Maybe The Genie could have a bit more of a dark side to him, a selfish side perhaps? They can’t possibly try and capture what has already been done and have someone else imitate it, surely?!

Which brings us to Thursdays rumour that Will Smith is in talks with Disney to play The Genie in the live action remake. At first I was confused because I’d read he was considering a role in Disney’s other remake Dumbo, which is being directed by Tim Burton. Now it’s for Aladdin!? However I never thought of Will Smith when trying to think of someone who could play The Genie and do it justice. Now I think it’s a BRILLIANT idea and I really hope the rumour is true. I think he would definitely bring something new and fresh to the character as Will Smith’s comedic talent is fantastic, and he could certainly improvise in his own way, similar to what Robin Williams did.

And if they did make the Genie a darker character he could still be perfect. Will Smith has played dark comedic roles before, like he did in Men in Black, Suicide Squad and i-Robot to name a few.

If he takes on the part I will feel more confident as a fan, that Aladdin will be really good and it would certainly increase my excitement and anticipation.

What about you, do you think Will Smith would be ideal? Or is there someone else you had hoped for?



5 Replies to “Disney’s Aladdin: The Genie’s New Voice”

  1. Ooh this is interesting! I do like Will Smith, I think he’s good in all of his films and you’re right, he’s able to balance comedy and darker, more dramatic roles so I’m intrigued by this, and I can definitely see it, but of course, Robin Williams’ shoes are big ones to fill, and I think he’ll always be Genie for so many of us, but I like to stay optimistic for the re-make! – Tasha

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