Guardians was Awesome Vol 2.

The 28th April was the UK release date of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 AND it was also my due date! What were the odds?! Although I was desperate to see Baby and get my body back, a small part of me wanted to be able to see GOTG on opening day. So if Baby wasn’t going to be early I wanted him to be at least a day late. I guess Baby wanted to see the film as well because he didn’t arrive on his due date, so me and the husband managed to see it without pre-booking the tickets!

If you haven’t had the chance yourself to see it, then best not to read any further, I don’t want to spoil it – I wouldn’t even tell my father-in-law what I thought of the film until he’d seen it!

Firstly I want to point out that due to the time we needed to see the film, we saw it in 2D, but it needs to be seen in 3D. My husband has already said he will be purchasing the Blu-Ray in 3D. There were lots of scenes that would have been even more awesome, that 2D does not do justice, like the opening credit sequence.

Now I’ve done a couple of posts on the soundtrack to GOT, and my latest post on it was about the track list to Vol 2. I only new a couple of the songs and my first impression was disappointment.

However, while watching the film there were a few of the ones I wasn’t sure about that actually went perfectly for the scenes, for example “Brandy (she’s a fine girl)” and “The Chain”.

But I was curious how James Gunn was going to top Peter Quills opening credit dance number from the first film with “Come and get your love”. A scene, that for me, told you this film was going to be different and unique compared to the rest of the films in the MCU.

To my delight, the one song on the new soundtrack that sounded perfect for the film, was the opening credit song. “Blue Sky” by ELO, played along with a BRILLIANT opening credit sequence, lead by the adorable Baby Groot! Straightaway I knew James Gunn was going to make me laugh, smile and tap my feet for the next too hours – and that’s exactly what I did!

The film is full of references to my childhood and a bit earlier. Having been born in the mid-eighties, all of Peter Quill’s childhood memories took me back to when I was a kid, making me smile and remember my youth. My husband felt the same.

Despite not featuring cameos from other MCU characters, and connecting the stories even more, we were treated to more characters from the world of GOTG. Hondu’s unity with the Guardians was entertaining, especially his connection with Rocket. And I was so glad his right hand man, Kraglin, joined him and even became a big help in the end to the Guardians.

We were also introduced to new characters, including the group of Ravengers who were actually the original Guardians of the Galaxy from the comics.

But despite seeing new faces, it was Drax who stole the show for me and my husband. Every scene and line he spoke had us laughing. For us, he over shadowed Peter Quill and Rocket in this sequel, in terms of humour and surprise.

The only negative point I need to make is that both me and my husband guessed straight away, the minute he showed up in his spaceship, that Ego was the villain of the story. It was very obvious to us, although it didn’t spoil the film either. It was still interesting to discover Peter was part God, and that Ego himself gave Peter’s mum Brain Cancer, just so he didn’t have a reason to return to earth.

I’m still trying to process the 2 hours of awesomeness, because I was so overwhelmed with excitement and enjoyment. James Gunn is a very talented story teller, in that he tapped into my youth and put it on the big screen along with a bunch of A-holes and good tunes.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is another favourite for us as a family. My in laws went to see it the day after Finn was born and my sister and her husband saw it the following Friday. We cannot stop talking about it, and “Blue Sky” is the first track on our current playlist.

I’m super excited to see the Guardians in Infinity War and I’m already looking forward to Vol 3. Oh and I can’t wait to find out who gets the role of “Adam”!

Go and see the film! Let me know what you thought, and if you preferred it to the first??

“There are two types of beings in this universe: Those who dance, and those who do not.” – Drax


4 thoughts on “Guardians was Awesome Vol 2.

  1. It’s funny, i saw the second movie, but never saw the first one. I thought it was really funny, but the story itself felt kinda weak. I agree, Ego was a pretty obvious villain character. However, I liked the development of Gamora’s relationship with her sister. Wished the movie focused more on her.

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    1. Thanks for reading my post Jay, have you watched the first now? If not you definitely should! Although I like both films, the first is better for me because it was such a surprising film – I didn’t know anything about the comics or characters before I watched the film and the music was brilliant!
      I like Gamora because she’s not a damsel in distress! And although they have feelings for each other they are not making her relationship with Starlord romantic which I prefer.


      1. I definitely think I’d enjoy the first movie more. Origin stories are always the best. Also I feel like I compare the two Guardians movies to the two Muppets movies, b/c the first had a more heartfelt–purposeful story–and the sequel was just a kinda fun but random adventure.

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      2. The first muppets movie shocked me – I did not expect it to feel like a stage musical and I was surprised to feel so happy and singing along to it despite its cheesiness lol the sequel was stupid funny 😂 I mean The but where miss piggy is singing and feline Dion is in the background cracked me up! But the story was rubbish lol.
        Well let me know when you’ve seen the first guardians and let me know what you thought and if you loved the music 😊 x

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