Hello Finnley Wynder

Yes Baby finally came, 2 days late, on the last day of April. We were hoping if he was going to be late he’d manage to arrive on May 4th, which is Star Wars day, and it’s my grandma’s birthday. Before he arrived my family had a laugh with the idea of him arriving on Star Wars day and came up with various name suggestions that was Star Wars related. The best one, which I would have considered, was Aniken Wynder. Then my brother-in-law took it further and suggested we give him “Sky” as a middle name… Aniken Sky Wynder. Yes, that’s how far the discussion went!

But it was my mum, after being told of our Star Wars themed name conversation, who suggested Finnley to me. Referring to Finn from The Force Awakens obviously, and also having a personal meaning as well. Turns out “Findlay” is my grandma’s middle name and my Great Grandma’s maiden name! I really liked the name and I knew I was gonna name him that, even if he didn’t arrive on May 4th.

He couldn’t even wait for May, and Sunday 30th April, Finnley Wynder was born at 6:12pm, weighing 7lb 6oz.

I thought giving him “Sky” as a middle name was too much, but for fun, we might use at as a nickname. And we are decorating his nursery Star Wars! I’ve already got a few bits and Finn has been given lots of money from friends and family for his new room. I’ve got lots of ideas and I will definitely be posting pics on instagram, so watch this space.

Finnley has completed my Disney family. I’m madly in love once again, and feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I have two gorgeous little boys and a wonderful husband. I can’t wait for our family adventures and our first Disney holiday – bring on March 2018 when we visit Disneyland Paris!

“Straight from heaven, up above, here is a baby for you to love.” – The Stork from Dumbo


2 thoughts on “Hello Finnley Wynder

  1. Congrats!! Such beautiful pictures of such a gorgeous little boy. My brother has just turned 18 months and I want to wrap him up forever, he’s too precious for the world. And they grow up so so fast 😦

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