Beauty & The Beast DVD Release

So yesterday Americans did not have to wait any longer to get their hands on a copy of Beauty and the Beast on DVD, Blu-Ray & Digital HD. 

I saw lots of pics from fans opening up their DVD, admiring the beautiful cover artwork and some even got a beautiful hard back book of the film along with their DVD (JEALOUS!).

Now if I remember rightly, North America and U.K. Had the same cinema release date of the film, March 17th. Right?!

So why are WE (UK) having to wait till July 17th to get OUR hands on a copy of the DVD & Blu-Ray??? Disney WTF?!

Seriously it’s 2017! We shouldn’t be waiting any longer than anyone else, it should be released everywhere in the same day/week! It’s crazy that there’s different release dates for DVDs, especially with the popularity of streaming and downloading now a-days. 

Don’t get me wrong, Disney is (I think) the only film company that releases the DVDs less than 4 months from the Cinema release of their films. Which is great because there shouldn’t really be a massive wait anyway. God to think when I was a kid I had to wait a year after the US cinema release of a film and the same for it to be released in VHS. Now I’m complaining about waiting another 5 weeks lol. 

But I am right it’s so silly that there’s different dates. Who else agrees with me??


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