My Life in Movies Tag!

This tag is right up my street! Thanks to Danielle over at Underland to Wonderland, who tagged me to do it, and you can read Danielle’s post here.

So sit back and relax, as here are my answers…

1. First Steps: The first film you remember seeing as a kid.
Its only the first question and already I’m stuck! *rings mum*….. Okay so checked with my mum and she said the first film I watched was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. And there was also a nursery rhyme video I watched all the time while in my bouncer! But first film: Snow White – It was meant to be!

2. Teenage crush: Which actor/actress did you have a crush on?
This crush I will never forget because he is still my crush now… Keanu Reeves 😍 oh my *day dreams*. From the first time I watched Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, I was in love!

3. Bad Choices, Good Outcome: A movie you watched and ended up enjoying, even though you wanted to hate it.
Crossroads! At the time, I was not into Britney, and I was already convinced she was going to be a bad actress. But I LOVE that movie lol and yet it’s such a bad movie, the acting is awful, the story is predictable – and yet I’ll sit and watch it hehe. It’s a good Bad film.

4. First Date: When you went on a first date what movie did you see?
My first cinema date was Spider-Man. I really really liked the movie at the time, so much so I went to see it a second time. The boy I went on the date with not so much. I don’t remember his name or what he looked like lol.

5. Home Comforts: What movie reminds you of time with your family?
Oh there’s a lot of movies that remind me of  my family because we all love films. My mum would try and take us to the cinema as much as possible and we always rented at least two movies at a weekend. Home Alone was a good memory, my mum rented it out for two days, and I can’t remember how many times we watched it cus we just rewinded the video and watched again and again. Love that movie.

6. First Heartbreak: What movie really upset you or hit you more than you thought?
When I was younger I never really got upset at movies, probably because I didn’t understand them as well as I do now and they didn’t mean as much either. But I do remember feeling upset when watching An American Tail. When Fievel loses his family always made me feel scared that that cud happen to me, and yet it never made me stop watching the film. It was always on in my house as a kid. But now when I watch it I cry from start to finish because I have two sons of my own and if I lost any of them… well it’s unbearable to even try to imagine!

7. Leaving home: What movie was the first you watched without your family?
Well I watched a lot of movies without my family before I moved out lol but my mum didn’t want me to watch Sleepers when I was a teenager, she thought I was too young. However I saw it at a friends house and never told her that I’d seen it. Although it was awful what happened to those boys, it didn’t affect me as much as my mum was afraid it would. I did understand what happend to them, and it was awful, I couldn’t watch it now because I have two boys of my own so it would affect me now!

8. Good Times: What movie do you watch most and why?
At the moment it’s Toy Story 1,2 & 3, and Monsters Uni & Monsters inc! We watch them every other day, in order and I now know the first Toy Story word for word. Thanks to my son Jacob, my husband and I have seen those films more than our own favourite movies lol!

9. Learn a new language: What is your favourite non-English language movie?
I’ve only seen a few non-English language films, and the one I enjoyed the most was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The martial Arts and stunts in that film are amazing. Plus I love that there are two strong female leads.

10. Can’t leave the sofa: What series on TV got you hooked?
Oh god so many. The Walking Dead is my number one show at the moment, but I managed to binge watch the first 12 seasons of Greys Anatomy why I was on maternity leave after Jacob, and I love that show now! I would definitely invest in the box set.

11. Sick day: What movie do you watch if you don’t feel well to cheer you up?
I’d rather watch a TV box set or a Film Saga so I don’t have to move much lol. The Harry Potter films for example, or Friends if I want to laugh.

12. Looking to the future: What movies are you looking forward to seeing?
Thor Ragnarok, Coco and of course The Last Jedi!!! I am definitely pre-ordering my cinema tickets for that one – opening day I’ll be there!

13. If only: What old movie do you want to see re-made?
Gone with the Wind is one of my favourite films of all time, it’s a classic! However I think it could really benefit with a remake, in terms of special affects and acting. And if it’s done right, it cud be an epic film again for a modern audience.

14. End of the road: What 3 films do you think you will always enjoy watching?
Star Wars, Die Hard and Beauty and the Beast (1991). Despite some of the old fashioned special effects in the original Star Wars, it doesn’t spoil the film for me. Die Hard is a good classic action film and I will continue to watch it every year while putting up my Christmas tree. Beauty and the Beast is important to me, it represents my childhood, and despite enjoying the remake, the animated feature was first for me, and means more to me.

I really enjoyed answering these questions, movies are really important to me. I did have to ask my mum for the answer to question 1 though, but she likes to be included in my blog anyway, and she is one of the reasons I love films so much.
Now I am going to name a few people to join in and answer these questions as well, but ultimately it’s for everyone, so feel free to answer them yourself, just let me know so I can read it!

I tag:


Have fun, and have a click on the links, check out each other’s website!

“That’s a rap!”


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