I πŸ’™ You Primark

Well, if you’ve been active on social media recently, your sure to have seen what’s coming very soon to Primark! The popular high street retailer is certainly increasing Disney fans excitement with what’s soon to be arriving in stores. I know Roisin from Disneyfind will agree with me, along with any Disney fan who’s fav era is the Renaissance, that Beauty and the Beast is their favourite animated film or that it’s meaningful to them. And Primark is about to make us very very happy!

Currently in store, you can purchase several BATB Tees and Pyjamas. Most recently the Mrs Potts & Chip range with matching slippers, which my very good friend Steven got me for my birthday!Are you one of the lucky ones who managed to get their hands on a Chip cup or Purse? Yes Primark sold out of these items many times over the last few months. They are so high in demand they’ve had to announce when new stock will be arriving and in which stores. It was so crazy, Primark went as far as creating an item to replace the chip purse when it was sold out…

So what have we to look forward to from Primark..? Well lots more Mrs Potts & Chip, as well as some other characters from BATB. If you own a Chip cup, you’re gonna want a Mrs Potts to go with it, aren’t you? Not to worry, you’ll be able to purchase a Mrs Potts tea pot AND money bank!Did you get a Chip Purse or bag? Lucky you! But Lumiere, Coggsworth, and the wardrobe are all arriving soon as bags and purses as well! And if your like me and couldn’t afford the coggsworth clock from the Disney Website, don’t worry, because Primark has made their own and for only Β£6!!!Amazing right?!

I already have the Jungle Book bed set for my Disney Guest room, and there hasn’t been another Disney bedset that I’ve wanted as a change. That is until I saw a picture of a gorgeous new range coming soon…What do you think? I think it’s FAB! I’m definitely purchasing this bedding for my Disney Guest room, it will be my winter set!

As a HUGE Disney fan, and one who can’t afford to buy a lot for myself now that I have two boys, Primark has made it possible for me to treat myself to something affordable that also has my favourite Disney characters on. Whether it’s a tee, or socks or a cushion or PJs. And with my local Disney Store closed now for good, Primark is where I know I’ll find some magic for myself or my family. I mean look at this awesome Beast tee I got Jacob…

So cute!

Thank you Primark for releasing amazing Disney merchandise for us Disney fans!


2 thoughts on “I πŸ’™ You Primark

    1. You’re so right – absolutely killing it. And as I said in my post, with no longer having a Disney Store anymore here, it’s the place to go for me and my family for Disney merchandise. Long may it continue xx I hope you get the Purse!

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