Wreck-It-Ralph IS a Good Guy!

My son Jacob has a small collection of Disney movies that he will watch over and over and over again. Thankfully because they’re Disney, and they’re all good movies, it’s not drove me too crazy watching and listening to the same characters every day. I do try him with new ones, so that I can keep some of my sanity, but I fail almost every time. I had tried him with Wreck-it-Ralph a couple of times before, and he never really seemed bothered. That is until a few weeks ago. I thought, what the hell, I’ll give it another go. Well, he sat and watched it to my amazement. I couldn’t wait to tell Jacob’s dad that we had another film on the list that he will watch. To let you understand, my husband and I know Toy Story WORD FOR WORD! Seriously!

200When Wreck-it-Ralph was originally released I was working as a Cast Member, and was lucky enough to be given preview tickets to see the film, two weeks before its official UK release. I took the whole family with me. I remember it really well, because it was a Sunday morning, and the Friday before, Ben and I moved into our first owned home. So that weekend was pretty memorable, and to top it off, we got to see a brilliant film. My father-in-law was really glad I got him a ticket. He remembered playing a couple of the “older” games mentioned in the film, like “Tappers”. My husband and I, obvouisly remembered playing Sonic, Street Fighter and Mario. We loved the “cheat cheat” being used as the code to get into the “vault” in Sugar Rush.

There wasn’t a lot of merchandise though, well not here in the UK anyway. I remember the Vanellope doll always being sold out, and having LOADS of Tafytta dolls left over, which then went into the sale. There were Ralph’s hands, that were like Hulk hands, which the kids who came into the store always played with. There were a few action figures, and all the racers were available as small plush. Although they didn’t really sell that well in my store either.

If only I could buy merchandise from the film now! I know Jacob would LOVE his own Wreck-it-Ralph action figure. Yes I’ve had a look at eBay, and I do have my eye on a few items, but Christmas is still 4-5 months away, so we’ll see.
Next year of course is going to be very exciting for Jacob, with the release of “Ralph Breaks the Internet”, the sequel to Wreck-it-Ralph. Kinda gutted they changed the release date from Early 2018 to November, as it would have been good timing for his 3rd birthday. However, I’m hoping, that with the release being moved to November, and Jacob will then be 3 and a half years old, I MIGHT be able to actually take him to the cinema to watch it… fingers crossed.

So Jacob will probably be getting Wreck-it-Ralph goodies for Christmas!

200-2Jacob is very vocal sometimes, while watching his favourite movies and TV shows. If you follow me on Instagram, I recently posted a video of him expressing his excitement while watching Monsters inc. He has his favourite characters, and his favourite scenes. Woody is his favourite from Toy Story, Mike is his favourite from Monsters inc, and Mickey Mouse is his pal. With Wreck-it-Ralph, the opening scene is what I find most curious with Jacob. Does he understand what Ralph is upset about? He sits, staring at the screen, with what looks like empathy in his eyes. My son is only 2 years old, can he really understand what the scene is about? Sometimes I do think he understands. The reason being, when it’s the scene where Ralph is in “Hero’s Duty” trying to win a medal, Jacob crosses his eyebrows and pouts his lips. He doesn’t like what Ralph is doing, and he knows he shouldn’t be in that game. Same with the scene in which Ralph “wrecks” Vanellope’s cart, after helping her learn how to drive it. During this scene, Jacob moans slightly, giving a little pout. He doesn’t like seeing his favourite character wreck the cart. He knows it’s bad.

This could very well be an example of how Disney/Pixar films can teach our children, in terms of good and bad. For me personally, there’s more to be learnt from a classic Disney film, than there is from those silly programmes on CBeebies! But maybe I’m a bit biassed due to my love of Disney.

I’m just glad I can get a break from Toy Story and Monsters inc. And today I joined Disney Life, so I’m really hoping to find more for him to watch. But I’m glad Ralph is on his favourite list right now, cus he’s a good “Bad Guy”!


Because if that little kid likes me, how bad could I be?
– Wreck-it-Ralph


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