I Don’t Just 💙 Disney Movies…

Yes you read that title correctly, there are lots of other animated films I enjoy watching, some I would even include in my top 10, and they’re not made by Disney.

I do however believe Disney overall has produced the best animation and they have always set the bar, except with Pixar. Pixar is the first animation studio that created a first and then set the bar for Disney. And probably due to Disney unable to do better, they bought Pixar and made its creator the head of Animation!

So you’re probably wondering what other animated movies I love so much? Well you don’t have to wait any longer…

An American Tail: This Don Bluth & Steven Spielberg collaboration has been in my life since I was a kid. I can’t watch it without crying, more so now due to having children of my own. And it’s one of those brilliant stories that is still relevant to today. Check out my Instagram & you’ll see a sketch I drew of the lead character for #unicornfairychallenge, he was my #ThrowbackThursday.

Anastasia: The Russian Princess is brought to life by Don Bluth and would be his biggest hit. It’s beautifully animated, and tells the story of her possible survival, and her journey in finding herself and her family. It comes with fantastic songs, a really good cast and very likeable characters. Anastasia is so good, it has now been interrupted into a musical, featuring all the songs from the animated film!

The Secret of NIMH: oh I love this one. This always reminds me of my grandma, I think because she had it recorded on video and I always watched it at her house. It’s an obscure tale from Don Bluth (again) and can be a bit scary for little ones in some parts. But it’s a very good story and again it’s beautifully animated. If you’ve not seen it, and you want to watch something different, then watch it!

The Prince of Egypt: I am not religious, however I love the stories which I learnt at school and from movies. The story of Moses was one of my favourites. It’s full of magic, and The Prince of Egypt brings this timeless story to life with fantastic animation, a brilliant cast and beautiful music. It also brought Whitney & Maria together, the greatest diva duet EVER!

The Boss Baby: This is the most recent “non-Disney” animated film that I’ve seen and I thought it was hilarious. I never expected to enjoy it so much, it was like I was watching Finnley and Jacob and seeing how Jacob might be feeling in regards to a new baby brother. If you haven’t seen it yet I would recommend it and it’s out now on DVD.

A lot of animated movies now are different versions of the same story or theme. And a lot of them go straight to DVD due to the fact they can’t compete with the best. However, there are more animated movies being made and hopefully they will get better and become an it more of a competitor for the like of Disney & Pixar. Take Kubo and the Two Strings for example, I’ve not seen it yet but it was very popular and got an oscar nomanation.

Now I’m not the only one who likes other animated films, I know Shrek and Madagascar are popular, and King Fu Panda. So which ones are your favourite? Don’t be shy…


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