My Fav Movies A to Z

So the lovely Tania wrote a post of all her favourite movies from A-Z, click here, literally naming movies for every letter of the alphabet. It was such a fun little post, and she named so many films that I love too. So, with her go-ahead, I’ve listed my favourite films from A-Z. Now due to the task of naming films using each letter from the Alphabet, a couple of them are cheeky ones, and a few are not necessarily my all time favourite, but they’re my fav out of the ones that begin with that letter.

So without further a due…

An American Tail
Beauty and the Beast
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Die Hard
Fifth Element
Guardians of the Galaxy
Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix
Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc
Jurassic Park
Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2
Lethal Weapon
Masters of the Universe
Now & Then
Oliver & Company
The Princess Bride
Galaxy Quest
Star Wars
Trading Places
The Untouchables
Working Girl
Young Frankenstein
World War Z

img_1152So there you have it, a bit of a mixture, you can see I like action and adventure with a bit of comedy. I’m not a massive fan of Horror films, simply because I poke fun at them due to their predictability. Romantic movies I have to be in the mood for. Generally though, I will watch any kind of movie, because I love films. I love the escape, especially when it’s a REALLY good movie.

Please have a go at this, I had fun doing it, and so will you. Although you’ll be rattling your brain for ages on a few of the letters… thanks to google for helping me with those!


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