Disney Streaming

Earlier in the week, Disney announced they will end their deal with Netflix in 2019 to release their own streaming service! Which confused me because I thought that’s what “Disney Life” was?!

So in 2019 we will have access to everything that Disney has/is producing in one streaming service, including EVERYTHING Star Wars, EVERYTHING Marvel as well as what’s currently available on Disney Life. 

No doubt this will come at a cost for us, you may still remember, when Disney Life was first launched, it was £9.99 a month! Now it’s at an affordable £4.99 a month. I’m guessing it’s going to be at least £9.99 again in 2019. I just hope they don’t do silly packages like Netflix. It should be one price with everything included.

But is EVERYTHING going to be included? Disney produces animated and live action films, cartoons for children, Tv shows for tweens, and they own the ABC network and ESPN. Will we get live streaming of those channels? That would be amazing if we did. ABC is home to Modern Family, Greys Anatomy, and they show “specials” from the Disney parks, like the Christmas parade!

I would definitely pay to get EVERYTHING Disney produces, but due to living in the U.K. I wouldn’t be surprised if the service is very restricted here. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s only launched in America first, and we have to wait till God knows when to get a smaller version.

However, I’ve been signed up to Disney Life for over a month now, and it could do with a lot of upgrading. I’m very happy paying £4.99 for what I’m getting, but the app itself is a bit behind. For example, Jacob loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as you know, so when we have a MMCH day, I want to be able to put the first episode on and not have to really touch the remote again. Unfortunately Disney Life does not automatically play the next episode like Netflix. On top of this issue, after an episode is finished, it takes you right back to the MMCH page, but back to episode one. So if we’re on episode 20, I have to go through all 20 episodes in order to get to episode 21. I hope you understand what I mean.

It would be really handy to have a “favourites” option as well. Jacob has a small selection of films he will watch over and over again, and it would help me if I could have them all saved in a “favourites” page, to save me always searching for them.

I’ve got the app on my Fire Stick and my iPad, but I can only listen to the music and read the books on the iPad. I was disappointed you couldn’t get it on the TV app, as it would have been great to have the books on the big Television for me encourage Jacob to speak (he’s still not saying actual words, although he’s very vocal).

Which brings me to my last potential upgrade for Disney Life, and that’s learning games. Kids will always learn better if they’re interested, and what better way to get them interested than learning with the help of their favourite Disney characters. Learning shapes, sums, spelling and reading with the help of Mickey and his friends would be brilliant, and it would certainly help Disney’s streaming service stand out from the crowd.

So hopefully I’ll at least get the upgrades needed for the current app when Disney releases the new streaming service in two years time. What about you, what’s your thoughts? What do you think Disney could improve on with Disney Life? Is their anything you’re hoping you’ll get with the new service in 2019 that you can’t get now? Let me know, leave me a comment or tweet me.


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