My Unpopular Disney Opinions 😳

The lovely Hannah from Courage and Kindness wrote a brilliant post called “My Unpopular Disney Opinions” (hence the title of my post) and it was so good to read. I agreed with some of her opinions too, which made me want to write this even more. With her blessing, here are my Unpopular Disney Opinions…

1. I am so glad Disney own Star Wars and Marvel. The Marvel Universe movies are getting better and better, and that’s been since Disney took control. The Force Awakens and Rogue One were so AMAZING and the Star Wars universe is really exciting at the minute.

2. This brings me to my second unpopular opinion… I am so happy Disney is introducing more Star Wars and Marvel into the parks! I can’t wait for Star Wars land and the Marvel Comics hotel!

3. Which leads me to my next opinion… The parks for me are not as important as the films. I have enjoyed my visit to DLP, and I can’t wait to visit WDW and would love to have the opportunity and money to visit all of the Disney parks. But they are expensive holidays, all be it, worth the money and will be a magical experience, but still expensive. The films are what’s important to me, they are what I’m most passionate about and love discussing them with fans, friends and family.

4. Now this next opinion is more to do with how I feel. Because I have only been to DLP, once when I was 6 (which i barely remember) and then again last year for a day, I don’t have much of an opinion on the parks, rides, parades and shows, other than from what I’ve seen made me emotional and happy. I won’t join in chats on Twitter if they are park related, because I don’t feel I know much to join in. I enjoy reading tips and advice for future trips, but I don’t know or have seen enough to discuss the latest parade and it’s music etc.

5. In my opinion, based on articles I’ve read, programmes I’ve watched and Interviews with his daughter and employees, I do not believe Walt Disney was a “bad man”. Yes, he was certainly a perfectionist, and demanded a lot from his employees, but it was in order to make the best animated, live-action movies, along with a park in which people from all over the world could visit and feel happy. Okay he made a lot of money from his movies and from Disneyland, but that was after he invested all of his own money first and took big risks in the beginning!

6. I didn’t think Moana was AMAZING and I was a bit disappointed in the music. “Your Welcome” did not get stuck in my head at all, and the scene with Tamatoa almost ruined the film for me because I did not find him funny and I did not like his song!

7. I cannot wait for Frozen 2! I LOVE Frozen! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it because it’s been that many. And Jacob loves it too (YES!).

8. The way that some people feel about Frozen is how I feel about Cars. I do not get why there is now 3 films. I’m so glad Jacobs not into them, and honestly I have tried him with Cars just so I’ve got something new to watch, but he’s not interested one bit.

I probably have more opinions that a lot of people wouldn’t agree with, but I’ll save them for another “Unpopular Opinion” post. At the end of the day it would be really boring if we all agreed and liked the same things. I find it really interesting reading everyone’s opinions and how different they are from me. Disney means something different to us all, it might have been a film or a TV show or a parade that made you love Disney. It just shows how big the brand is and the affect it can have. Please share your “Unpopular” Disney Opinions, they are fun to get off your chest!

oh and thanks again Hannah x


2 thoughts on “My Unpopular Disney Opinions 😳

  1. I finally watched Moana in its entirety yesterday and I was really underwhelmed by the story and general character development. I love the soundtrack (minus You’re Welcome and Shiny) and Moana as a character but everything else just fell a little short of what I usually expect from a Disney film.

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