Finnley’s STAR WARS Nursery

We hadn’t decided on a name for Baby number 2 until the very end of my pregnancy, and it was thanks to my mum’s idea of a name. Now normally I don’t tend to agree with my mum’s ideas, but her suggestion for a name was SPOT ON!
It was during the Easter weekend, and the family were enjoying dinner and drinks (not me obviously) and the subject of the due date came up, and if I thought the baby would arrive on time or early or late. I was convinced he was going to be late, and I was really hoping he would be as late as his older brother and arrive on Star Wars day: May 4th. That date is also my grandma’s birthday, so it’s a very important date. This then encouraged a fun conversation of baby names based around Star Wars, and the possibility of a Star Wars themed room. Originally I agreed on a name and room based on Star Wars IF he arrived on May 4th.
However, my mum suggested the name “Finnley” to me. I LOVED it immediately, and even more so when my mum explained her thought on the name. Sticking with the Star Wars them, we could call him “Finn”, and the name “Findlay” (which is the Scottish spelling) is my grandma’s middle name (the one born on Star Wars day) and it was her mother’s maiden name. OH MY GOD PERFECT!

Finnley did arrive late, but only two days late. But… we stuck with the Star Wars theme for his nursery and we were ALL on a hunt for treasures, bedding and decor based on our chosen theme. My family was on it! And after 4 months of patience, sewing and spending, his room is finished, and he is now sleeping in his own room. I think he likes it, as he sleeps all through the night lol. So here is a few photos of the finished room…

 This is now my favourite room in the house. And i’ve been asked “what if Jacob likes Star Wars and Finnley doesn’t?” and my response was “They’ll have to swap rooms!”

Have you got any rooms themed around a film or character you like?


2 thoughts on “Finnley’s STAR WARS Nursery

    1. I’ve tried Cars with my eldest son but he’s not interested at the minute even though he likes playing with car toys lol! Thanks for reading my post x

      P.S. I got most of the lights from Amazon and eBay so if you do go for a Star Wars theme I’d recommend those websites 😁


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