Christmas Presents from eBay

Why am I buying second hand Christmas Presents you might ask? Well it wasn’t my intention but when I started looking on eBay I found some bargains and not all have been second-hand!

Now I have two boys, both under the age of 3, it’s difficult to think of Christmas presents that they’ll appreciate, and for their age, clothes tend to be the most obvious choice of gift. However, I kept all of Jacob’s clothes incase I had another boy, and thank god I did. So Finnley doesn’t need a lot of clothes, so I’d like to get him gifts that would be a “keep sake” or based around his room.
Jacob on the other hand doesn’t really understand the whole concept of christmas, which isn’t a bad thing as it will save us money for another year. But we still want him to have bits to open.

EBay has become a god send. I have found lots of Disney treasures that would have cost a lot more if we bought them brand new in a shop. And because they are not the “right” age yet, I don’t feel like Ive wasted a lot of money. But I’ve also managed to find presents that aren’t available anymore to buy in the shops, and they’re still in “new” condition!

Everyone feels the pressure at Christmas when it comes to presents. The money that we spend rises every year. It doesn’t help that kids these days want iPads and drones! So while my boys are little, and don’t understand or appreciate Christmas yet, I’m not wasting money or spending a lot on their gifts.

To give you an idea of what bargains and treasures you can find on eBay, here’s some of the prezzies I’ve got so far…

What about you, have you done your Christmas shopping on eBay? Or bought second hand?

I just realised I’m talking about Christmas and it’s only the beginning of October… sorry (not sorry hehe).


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