The Last Jedi – I CAN’T WAIT!

Last Tuesday the world saw the final trailer for the most anticipated film of the year, and the tickets went on sale the same day! I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched it, but every time I do I squeal with excitement! 

If history repeats itself, this film will theatrically be the best one out of this current trilogy. It should answer a lot of questions, and create new ones, along with ACTION, ACTION & MORE ACTION!

Based on what we’ve gotten a sneak peak of in the latest trailer, I don’t think we’re going to be disappointed. BUT I do believe the trailer is REALLY TEASING US! It’s definitely making us think it’s giving away clues to the story when in fact, we are gona sit in that theatre and be BLOWN AWAY!

Of course my tickets were booked on the day of release! In 3D at 7:30pm December 14th. 

5 thoughts on “The Last Jedi – I CAN’T WAIT!

  1. I AM SO EXCITED! I got chills while watching the trailer for this. I have and always will be a huge Star Wars fan so I am already so excited for this to come out. I’m hoping I can see it in the cinema to avoid spoilers as I can’t wait! Ahhh! – Tasha

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  2. Who is Supreme Leader Snoke? Is he Lord Vitiate? That would explain his age & knowledge. But how did he get so damaged?

    Is Rey a reincarnation if Shmi Skywalker? Another daughter if Padme?

    Did Palpatine really die? All we saw was an explosion.

    Who is Maz Kanata? Did she ever know Yoda? Does Snoke know if her?

    What new powers does Like have? What old knowledge has he died?

    Where—are Rey”s parents right now?

    What if it wasn’t”t Kylo Ren who killed Luke'”s young students, but…..someone else?

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