Danny Elfman: Film Score Legend

If you’ve watched a Tim Burton film, chances are you know who Danny Elfman is. If you don’t know him by name, you will know him by his amazing talent: music. More specifically, music for film & TV. Have a listen to this…

Now you’ve heard that theme song haven’t you?. You knew it was The Simpson’s theme song, but did you know Danny Elfman wrote it? 

You’ve heard his voice too. There’s only a few films in which you will have heard his singing voice, but there’s one you definitely have seen and may not have known it was him singing…

Yes, that’s right, he was the singing voice of Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas, which he wrote all the music for. Danny Elfman has written music for every Tim Burton film except three ( Ed Wood, Sweeny Todd and Miss Petigru’s home for children).

Did you ever watch Desperate Housewives? Remember the theme song? He wrote it! I could go on… Danny Elfman has such a unique sound that you can recognise his music. He and Tim Burton are like John Williams and Steven Spielberg, they work perfectly together and the music is a massive part of the film.

Ever since I was introduced to Tim Burton’s movies (Batman Was the first one I watched) I became a fan, but I was also introduced to an amazing catalogue of unique film scores and songs. And ever since I first watched The Nightmare Before Christmas I instantly became a fan of Danny Elfman. 

Take a look at his career in film music here. You might be surprised by a few of the films he has worked on (Fifty Shades of Grey).

Happy Halloween 🎃

Tomorrow we can begin to look forward to Christmas 🎄


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