Goodbye John Lasseter

Yes… I am saying goodbye. I don’t think he will or even should come back to Disney. As a big admirer of his work and his achievements in animation, this has been very hard for me to take in and accept. Since he took charge of both Pixar and Disney Animation in 2006, he has definitely left his mark and brought Disney back to the fore front of animated movies. I believed he was Walt Disney re-incarnated, even though I don’t believe in re-incarnation. He seemed perfect, for me, to be the one to say yes and “keep going you’re getting there” with his animator’s ideas. He is a great story-teller, with great ambition, and it’s because of his ambition, CGI and 3D animation is “normal” now in movies.

But I am so sad and disappointed in him. I’m angry! For me he is tainted. I don’t want future Disney films to have his name on them. A part of me wishes his name wasn’t on the ones we’ve had over the last 10+ years. He’s dirty now (Oh incase you didn’t know, or read about John Lasseter, click here to read an article from The Guardian).

I’m glad he has accepted responsibility for his actions, and I’m glad he wants to do something about it. But let’s be honest… If those co-workers hadn’t come forward with their concerns about his behaviour and their confessions of feeling uncomfortable around him, he would still be running the show. Thankfully though, they did come forward, and made him uncomfortable by telling him his truth’s and made him realise his behaviour is NOT ACCEPTABLE, and was NEVER ACCEPTABLE!

6 months sabbatical seems too fair to me. He’s basically getting a 6 month PAID HOLIDAY.  If he truely felt he had done wrong, he would have taken 6 months UNPAID leave, to reflect on his behaviour. But this is just how I feel, and you might feel differently, for example Hoodsie wrote a post about her feelings about the subject, which you can read here. It’s another opinion, and it’s more positive than mine.

No matter how hard it’s been for me as a fan, to read names such as John Lasseter, Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein, I will never know how hard it must have been for those men and women to come forward and tell their stories or express their feelings about any man who has made them that uncomfortable or worse, frightened. And as a fan, I am disgusted.

It’s 2017 people. The accused might give the excuse that it used to be accepted “back in the day” but the truth is, it NEVER WAS, NOR WILL IT EVER BE ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR. I know the stories we’ve read so far is just the tip of the iceberg. I hope all men and women who have been sexually assaulted in any way, find the courage to come forward, and quickly make any environment, whether it’s work or social, safe and clean again. Let’s get rid of all these dirty, filthy people who think that because it was “okay” 10, 20 or 50 years ago, we are not standing for it, and we will name and shame them.

Who knows if Lasseter gets replaced, and if he is, there’s plenty of great story tellers within Disney and Pixar that could take over and do a fantastic job (Pete Docter maybe??). But as a fan of Disney, I don’t want him, and I don’t think he should come back to the job. He should enjoy the rest of his life, with his family, and be grateful that he got the chance to leave quietly. Because let’s be honest, he might be the creator and head of both Pixar and Disney Animation Studios, but he’s not a Hollywood A-Lister, so his ‘image’ hasn’t exactly been tarnished by the media.

Thank you for bringing Disney Animated films back and raising the bar for animation with Pixar, but now is the time for you to go. Goodbye John Lasseter.


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