My Disney Tree: It’s Been Up Since November!

One of the things I look forward to at Christmas time, is putting up my Disney Christmas tree. Every year, it gets bigger and better. It is my pride and joy, mainly due to how long it takes me to put it together. It usually takes me the length of Die Hard 1,2 &3, which has become a traditional watch while I’m busy with the tree. And even after those three films, I’ll spend a couple of hours the nest day or two, repositioning ornaments, and adding extra baubles.

Last year, however, I never got my Disney tree up, because we moved house. We weren’t sure the exact moving day, and everything was packed and ready to be moved. So when we moved house on the 16th December, it really wasn’t worth putting it up because of how long it takes me.

This year I made up for it. The first weekend of November I got everything out of the garage, and started on the Friday night and I think I finished it properly the following weekend because I was still adding bits. My routine usually is this:

  1. Find the perfect spot for the tree
  2. Put the tree together
  3. Then the boring bit, the lights. This year was different though, I used to put 600 lights on my tree, and have it on individual branches, which would obviously take AGES. This year, I got new lights, cluster lights, which means the bus are much much closer together, and all i needed to do was lay the lights onto the branches. I have two sets of these lights on my tree, each set consisting of 980 LED bulbs!
  4. There’s always a “hole” amongst the branches, once you’ve put the tree together, but this is important for me to have, because in this hole, I place my Chip and Dale Christmas beanies inside it, soft looks like they’re having fun in the tree, like the cartoon with Mickey and Pluto.img_3053
  5. The Disney ornaments come out now, and I spend a lot of time hanging them perfectly, positioning them properly so they can be seen. For the heavy ones, I have to re-position some of the branches too so they have something to sit on to take some of the wait off of the branch its hanging from.
  6. Then LOTS AND LOTS of baubles! I have large, medium small, and extra small for those little gaps. I hate gaps!
  7. I’ll then push the tree back into the corner, where it’s going to sit until January.
  8. My beautiful Mickey and Minnie tree skirt is then wrapped around the legs of the tree and to cover the wires from the lights.
  9. Lastly, my Fairy Minnie is tied to the top of the tree, keeping an eye on the rest of the Disney characters. She isn’t an official tree topper, as she’s just a limited edition MBB. But I love her, and I haven’t liked any of the tree toppers that have been available, so until I find one I like, she’s staying where she is.

Christmas is my favourite season. It’s about family, love, celebrating, eating, films, comfort and increasing that electricity bill! I LOVE IT! And I don’t care if people think early November is too early to put up the tree. For me, I’ve been festive a lot longer, and my tree is my way of expressing how festive I feel.img_2958Oh and for weeks now, I’ve been sharing photos on Instagram of all the Disney ornaments I currently have on my trees. So if you would like to have a nosey at them all, then visit: 

How about you, do you have a routine for your tree? Have you had it up as early as me?


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