Shout Out To…

I want to acknowledge a few people I follow and tell you why they were amazing last year. I follow these brilliant characters on Twitter, Facebook and instagram, and so should you! Click on their names and you’ll go straight to their most popular social media account, have a nosey, and If you like what you see, give them a follow.

In 2017 Stacey did something very brave with her blog, she changed the name for the second time and gave it a makeover! Previously Stacey was known as “Unicorn Fairy”, but in 2017, her site is now known as “Simply Stacey“. Very brave for any blogger to do, but it paid off for Stacey, her blog looks more mature, very grown up, even though in reality Stacey keeps her inner child very much alive. Also, Stacey threw herself into new territory, and started regularly posting videos and live updates on instagram. I think 2018 will be the year Stacey becomes a VLOGGER! You can visit her youtube channel here.

Scarial’s Grotto is Amy’s site, and every week last year, Amy wrote about every single Disney classic, with a few extras. WOW, what an effort. Every week we learnt a 100 facts about each film, with posts on Amy’s favourite songs, or ideas for disney bounding, or informing you of where to buy products, depending on what Disney classic featured. I think Amy posted up to 5 times every week for the entire year! AMAZING! As a fellow Disney fan and blogger, I really enjoyed reading Amy’s blog last year.

You might not know Roisin by her name, but you will definitely know her by “DisneyFind”. Incase you don’t, DisneyFind began on Instagram a few years ago, and has a MASSIVE following. If you want to know where to find Disney products, DisneyFind is the place to go. And last year, Roisin started her first blog AND made a very courageous decision, one most bloggers wish they could make, and that was quitting her job, so she can focus on her site and future projects. I am so excited to see what happens for DisneyFind this year.

I came across Gregory’s Instagram account last year and I’m hooked! If you want to see detection to followers, then look no further. Every morning before he goes to work, Gregory does live videos via Primark Marble Arch (London) so we can see anything new or anything that’s back in stock. His Instagram stories are the first ones I watch. I think it’s safe to say, Gregory had an amazing year last year, with increase of followers, invitations to special events (including Disney Store) and getting Married! He’s started 2018 in Walt Disney World enjoying his honeymoon with his Hubby.

Wow, what a year Lottie had in 2017. Lottie’s side operation The Happiest Fitness Co. and “Lottie Bounds” on Etsy, has been doing well, her Disney pockets are the cutest! But the most amazing thing (I think anyway) that Lottie achieved was entering 6 Disney runs. Yes SIX! Lottie ran 2 in Florida, 2 in California and 2 in Paris! I can’t run for 10 minutes without passing out, but Lottie makes it look so easy. Well Done Lottie! Oh and she went on her first Disney Cruise holiday, which you can read all about on her blog, LottieDoes.

I want to take this opportunity to say a special “THANK YOU” to two Bloggers I follow, because they do something that makes me smile EVERY FRIDAY… If you are a blogger/vlogger you probably know “Hashtag Follow Friday: #FF”, it’s a great way to share you’re fav peeps and help increase their followers. Tania and Tasha have included me in their #FFs nearly every week last year and I am super grateful. Even if I haven’t blogged regularly, they still give me a shout out. So thank you girls, it means a lot xx

There are a lot of fun and interesting people I follow because I like their videos or their blog or their tweets. Everyone I follow actually. And they all achieved different things last year, and I can’t wait to see what they get up to this year.

Have fun in 2018… And don’t let time get away from you, if you’re thinking of doing something, just do it!


3 thoughts on “Shout Out To…

  1. You are absolutely more than welcome for the #FF shout outs lovely! I wish I could tag everyone in them so I’m glad they make you smile. I know I’ve missed a few weeks with general life things going on, so hoping to be more consistent this year with it. This was such a lovely post to read too, love seeing what other blogs people love and recommend so thank you for the recommendations, have made sure to bookmark all of the lovely bloggers you mentioned here! And Happy New Year! ❤ – Tasha

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