Instagram: I Hate You, But I Love You!

This is how I feel about Instagram, EVERY, SINGLE, DAY! It’s a constant love/hate feeling but it’s one of my favourite apps. I’ve used instagram for a few years, and I thought it would be a good idea to to create an account for my blog when I started my blog nearly three years ago. I wanted my personal account and my blog account to be separate, and I think I’ve done a good job of creating the overall look of my blog account. I mean it’s based around my blog and my blog’s theme, so it’s definitely consistent.

I’ve read LOTS and LOTS of advice posts on Instagram, and I’ve taken everything I’ve read on board, trying different tips to help increase engagement. The most recent post I read, was from Lottie Does. Lottie has the same frustration as me with Instagram and she has a plan of attack for her Instagram account this year, have a read here. In her post Lottie talks about an app she has recently downloaded and said is really good for Instagram, and it’s called Unum. I’ve downloaded it and I’m already LOVING IT. So THANK YOU Lottie, I’m so glad I read your post.

Like Lottie, I’m not giving up on Instagram. I am determined to work hard and put in the effort so I increase my chances of better engagement. But I thought I was doing everything right late last year. Using all the advice I’d read, even reading up on the best times and hashtags to use when posting. From November right through to the end of the year I posted at least once-twice a day, and I kept up a theme too, it was #feelingfestive and all the pics was christmas and Disney related. I gained so many followers, but lost just as many. One morning I woke up to 250 followers, but by the end of the day I went down to 239! It really does bring out “The Hulk” in me.

I think I need to make sure my photos look “likeable” as sometimes I have taken lazy photos just so I post something. Some instagramers put so much work into their photos and that’s why some of them have so many followers. I’m gona try and commit one day in the week to taking lots of photos and then editing them, putting in the work to making my photos worthy of more likes, and encouraging more people to follow me. But at the same time, I have a life, a life of a mum of two boys under 3, who take up A LOT of my time. I will do my best, and make a bit more of an effort, but at the end of the day, if I like looking back at my instagram account with pride, then that’s all that matters.
And when the boys are old enough (when they have they’re own instagram accounts) I hope they will like looking at mummy’s photos and want to follow me!

How do you get on with Instagram, is it similar feelings to mine? Do you have any tips you could share? I wonder if Instagram is aware of how much we hate the current algorithm? I don’t think they care tbh, it’s not like people are closing down their accounts over it, if anything they’ve created the ULTIMATE social media challenge!


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