Why We’re NOT Going To Disneyland Paris This Year

Early last year, the Hubby and I planned to take the boys to Disneyland Paris this year, the week of Jacob’s 3rd birthday. We were SO EXCITED! We have been dreaming about the day Jacob finally meets Mickey Mouse. Oh and when he goes on the Ratatouille ride, we thought he’ll definitely love that one.
We started talking about this trip A LOT, so much so, other members of the family wanted to join, which we were over the moon about. We thought, the more people (especially adults) the better this trip will be. We might even get a night where the Hubby and I could enjoy a nice meal out and have a few beverages.
And then the research began… I read SO MANY blog posts, and asked lots of questions on twitter for advice on specific things, like the meal plan, and if it was worth it. Then I wanted to know what specific facilities there were for toddlers and babies at the park. What did I NEED to bring with me for the boys that I wouldn’t get at the park. All of this information was being gathered, and very quickly I might add. I hadn’t had Finn when we decided on who was coming and when we started our research.

But July arrived and we were ready to book our trip. We had decided everything, from how long, to where we were staying, how we were gona get there. However, the family members who were going to come with us, couldn’t go anymore. Differet reasons, but we were gona book it anyway.
Then we started really thinking about what we could or couldn’t do with the kids, and with the kids being the age that they would be during the trip. I did more research, now looking at as much as I could find on traveling to Disney with children 3 years and under. Most were positive, and most were all about the experience, and the memories. But, ultimately, the Hubby and I would be restricted to what we could do, in terms of rides and shows. We didn’t want to be going on rides by ourselves, whats the fun in that. The time we would queue to get on the ride would also mean more time spent apart. We realised that if we went, it would be a lot of money spent on a trip where we felt, we wouldn’t achieve seeing and doing everything there is to do at Disneyland Paris. Adn there was no way we were paying 30€ per hour for a babysitter!

So we;ve decided to wait. Boring, I know. But we do want it to be worth the money, becasue it’s not cheap for families to go and enjoy a true Disneyland Paris holday without paying the price. I know there are ways of doing it on a budget, and Ill be happy to do it that way when the boys are older. But while they’re young, I want us to stay and play in the parks, together as a family. You see the problem is, I’m such a huge Disney fan that I want to enjoy my exerience too.

Anyway, so, we’ve got the rest of the family back on board, and we are looking at November 2019. I know, AGES away! However, that November, we’ll all be able to go, and my sister will be celebrating her 30th birthday AND my mum will be celebrating her 6oth birthday while we’re there! So it’s gonna be EXTRA special and magical! CAn’t wait, really looking forward to it. Jacob will be 4&1/2 years old and Finnley will be 2 & 1/2. PLUS, the Christmas celebrations will be on! YAY!

Is it just me, or have you posponed a trip to Disney before due to young children? Or maybe you had to pospone for another reason. I’d love to hear about it. Maybe you have tips for me traveling to Disney with the boys? Any advice would be very much appreciated!

“No one is too old for fairytales. Believe in the magic.”


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