I want to watch this film AGAIN! I can’t stop thinking about it, I really, really liked this film. And to be honest, when I first heard things about it, I was curious and interested, mostly because I don’t think I’ve ever seen an animated movie based on a Hispanic character, in a Hispanic setting. Of course the colours in the official artwork that was released before the first trailer, was very attractive to me.

The colours, honestly, are amazing. I would definitely buy “The Art Of” book of this film. ORANGE! Orange is the primary colour in this film, it’s not necessarily on the characters, but it’s there, on the floor, in the walls, in the sky, everywhere. It’s the colour I remember most from the film, and orange means happiness, joy, enthusiasm, attraction, success, sunshine, fascination. The same words I would use to describe this film!

Now most people who’ve seen the film all say how emotional it was, and how it made them think about their family. It made me feel the same. Sometimes we take our families for granted, and this film would make anyone remember how important family is. It might make you want to call someone, or re-connect with family.
And, obviously, the other main topic of this film is death. But it’s the perfect movie to watch with your children, especially if they are starting to ask questions about death. It does not involve any religious beliefs in regards to death. It’s just a lovely story to help explain to your son or daughter, without them feeling scared, or sad. I remember when I started thinking about death and asking questions. I wish I’d seen this film back then, it would have put me at ease, and I wouldn’t have had so many sleepless nights thinking about death.200

However, there was one thing that stood out. I noticed it early on in the film, and felt it right to the end… It didn’t look or feel like a Pixar film. I know it’s weird right? did you think the same? It was the design of the characters, the constant sound of music in the background, and set design, the side kick character Dante, all felt more like a Walt Disney Animated film!
Yeah I know both Pixar and Walt Disney Animation are under the same company, which is what my husband said to me as soon as I said to him how I felt. But, there is a difference! I always felt Pixar animation always had a simplicity in the design of its characters, like they were based on basic shapes. Don’t get me wrong, the animation is still amazing, but I always thought it was their style, like you knew it was a Pixar film because of how the animation looked. I also hold a very high standard in regards to their story-telling when it comes to Pixar. They tend to almost cross the line with what’s child friendly. Their stories have a much deeper and sometimes darker meaning within, that Adults relate to straight away, and then get to explain it to younger ones, to help them understand certain subjects. Like climate change, bullying, divorce, separation, those not so obvious topics of conversation you might not have had, had you not watched Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur.

Despite Death being part of the plot line, you forget that, sort of. You’re so involved with the characters and the story, you aren’t focused so much on them being skeletons or that they’re in an alternate universe where the dead live. You are on this journey with Miguel, the main character, and you’re hoping he is successful with his task. You’re rooting for him. Just like you did with Moana, it’s sort of like a “journey” film. Both Moana and Miguel, go against their family’s tradition, they break the rules, in order to achieve thier goal. I hope you see what I mean.

If you havent seen it already, I definately suggest you go and see it, and it’s well worth watching in the cinema too. If you have seen Coco, what did you think? Did you like it? Is it one of your faves now?

“We may have our differences, but nothing’s more important than family.” – Miguel


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