Disney Craft Ideas Anyone?

For Christmas, my sister got me this year’s Disney Daily Calendar. I wanted it last year, but it was sold out after Christmas, so I made sure someone got it for me for this year. I know I shouldn’t have, as it’s ‘the thought that counts’ but I REALLY wanted it, and my sister asked what I wanted.

I have forgotten a couple of times to tear of the date, but I’m not used to having a daily calendar so you can’t blame me. But I love revealing the next picture. It’s VERY tempting to look ahead to see whats to come, but I try not to spoil it. It’s part of the fun, finding out the day’s art work.

I must admit, I’ve loved every single day’s picture. Some of the picture are stills form the films, but it’s the original design concepts that are the best ones. I got a Moana one the other day, and it was sketches of her as a toddler, when she’s playing with the shell!
But I’ve kept all of them, and plan to keep the rest. Every day, when I tare off a date, I put it in the box it came in Some of the artwork is too beautiful to just throw in the bin. which got me thinking… What will I do with them?

And here is where you come in… I am artistic, but I would love your ideas, or advice… What could I use all these pictures for? What could I create out of them? Could I use them for something bigger? Something that I could keep for display, or hang up?
Please help me. My mind has gone blank, and there are so many of you that are so creative, and it’s nice to hear what others think. Sometimes two heads are better than one!

So, if you have an idea for me, then leave a comment, or contact me on twitter, or email me if you’d prefer.
Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

“Get a good idea, and stay with it, Do it, and work at it until it’s done right.” – Walt Disney


3 thoughts on “Disney Craft Ideas Anyone?

  1. I’ve got this calendar and I absolutely love it too! Some of the artwork is gorgeous but I haven’t kept any of mine unless I really love them like I kept the Belle one with the fact about the colour blue because I found it really fascinating but I’m not keeping them all it’d get too much! Unfortunately I’m not creative at all so I can’t think of much to do with them unless you made a huge collage and framed it?

    Jess xx

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    1. Yeah I was thinking of doing that as well. Someone suggested using them to make a scrapbook for Disneyland and use it as autograph book for when we take the boys! But there’s so many pictures I’ll be able to do a few things with them! I’m definately getting one next year again!


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