The Art of Disney – My Hobby

So when I was a little girl, way back, when I was in Primary School, I remember my teacher discussing careers with the class. She explained what a career was, and why it was important to have one, blah blah blah. Then we were all given a questionnaire to fill out, and the last question was:

“What would you like a career in?”

I knew exactly what my answer was, and I wrote my answer down so fast, I couldn’t believe I spelt “animation” correctly. Yeah so my answer was:

“Disney Animation”

I don’t remember my teacher’s response to my answer, but I do remember my classmates agreeing with my chosen career, and none of them being surprised my answer involved Disney and drawing.

But life happened, and took me on a different path, but I have always gone back to my drawing. I have had years sometimes in between, where I’ve not drawn a single picture. Then I’ll get the itch for it and I’ll get into again for a short period of time. Laziness is the main reason.
But this time I’ve not stopped. Ever since we moved house, maybe it’s having more room, and being able to have “space” to actually draw, has helped. The boys are my main motivation though. I want them to see mummy does something artistic, and she does something she enjoys, (even if its just for myself). They aren’t able to appreciate my drawings yet, but they have some on the walls of their rooms, so they see it every day.img_4790

I must admit though, my drawings are also helping my instagram engagement! I am hoping to use instagram for requests from followers. I am researching the cost at the moment, and I’m happy to be doing it for myself right now. But a little voice inside (and a few voices from friends on twitter and instagram) is telling me I could do this permanently, and not just as a hobby.
I’m practising with materials I’ve never used before as well, watercolour pens and pro markers. However, I like to see the “imperfections” of the picture, for example, the pencil lines.

So here’s a look at what I’ve been up to…f9706905-24ad-40b7-989b-177deecf56ba

What do you think?

I’m having a lot of fun at the minute, I just need to work out how to make time for the drawing AND for my blog, cus I’ve sort of neglected the blog lately BECAUSE I’ve been drawing so much. AND to top it off, I’m now back at work, so my time is really being stretched.

So seen as how I’m still drawing as a hobby, I would love your advice on what you would pay for a drawing like mine, and any advice on starting out! PLEASE!img_4746

Oh and I’m going to use this opportunity to promote my instagram, because you can see more of my drawings, and of my Disney family, so click the link: 


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