Han Solo: Top 5 Best Moments

How excited are you about seeing Solo? I mean if they’ve done this right, and Solo is as good as Rogue One was, oh my god the future possibilities for character movies are endless in the Star Wars saga! We have so many questions that need answering about our favourite characters from a Galaxy Far Far Away, and Han Solo is definitely one of them. Like how did he meet Jaba The Hut and end up owing him so much debt? Where and how did Han and Chewie meet? Where did he grow up? Where did he train as a pilot? So. Many. Questions!

I hope Alden Ehrenreich gives us a really good performance, I’m sure he has felt the pressure of doing this job justice and not messing it up, because this film is for us fans. I love that Harrison Ford has given him some tips and advice on playing the character, and I am looking forward to seeing a new approach to Han as well. I am expecting Solo to be a little different to what I’m used to, because there has to be a reason for his personality, and I believe he has more depth that we haven’t explored yet. One thing I hope Alden doesn’t change, is Han’s charm and wit. He’s the bad boy that we all love; the “cheeky chappy” we want to slap and then kiss!

So to celebrate the release of Solo, and show our love for Han Solo, I thought I’d share my Top 5 Han Solo moments from A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens….

5. Han Solo IS a hero after all
Towards the end of A New Hope, when Luke and Han return Leia to the Resistance, all Han is bothered about is getting his “reward” for saving the Princess. Luke is disappointed that Han won’t stay and help destroy the Death Star, but Han has got a debt to pay back to Jabba the Hut.
Then Just as Luke has the final opportunity to destroy the death star, using the force and having the added “spiritual” guidance from Ben Kanobi, Han Solo swoops in on the Millenium Falcon, Chewy by his side, just in time to help his new buddy, causing Darth Vador to spin far far away, and successfully blow the Death Star up! YAY!giphy.gif

4. Han and Chewie are back!
This clip was in the trailer, and was kept in the final cut of the film. And even though I’d seen the clip a few times because of the trailer, and from it being shown on TV during interviews about The Force Awakens, when I saw the clip in the cinema, on the big screen, I got goosebumps and teary eyed.

“Chewie, we’re home.”


3. Han Saves Lando
In Return of the Jedi, you know Han was “defrosted” by Princess Leia who attempted to save him from Jabba the Hut, and you know Han didn’t wake up so brightly as Sleeping Beauty. He was delirious and blind from being frozen, and when the time came to save his old pal Lando, Lando isn’t convinced Han can do what he normally does, shoot successfully! However, Han being Han, saves his friend and its one of Han’s funniest moments. To be honest, Han was funny throughout Return of the Jedi!

2. Han and Leia finally express their love
This involves two scenes, the first being just before Han gets frozen, Leia quickly tells him “I love you” and Han’s response is “I know” – awwwwww
Then in Return of the Jedi, Han says “I love you” to Leia, and she replies “I know” – they’re perfect for each other!
1. Han shot first
This is an iconic scene in Star Wars, and says a lot about Han’s character. But there’s another scene similar, and continues to show who Han really is, and that is in Empire Strikes back, when Han, Leia and Chewie discover Lando betrayed them and Darth Vador is waiting behind the door. When the door opens though, an doesn’t hesitate, and he shoots first! He misses obviously, but he’s a true hero.


The scoundrel we all know and love so much, will be back. And hopefully young boys and girls who’ve never seen a Star Wars movie before, will see Solo, nd love him as much as we do!

“You know, sometimes I amaze even myself” – Han Solo 


2 thoughts on “Han Solo: Top 5 Best Moments

    1. Thank you for reading – yeah everyone forgets about him shooting at Darth Vador lol and cus most Star Wars fans know about the “Han shot first” debate I thought I’d change it slightly 😊 I can’t wait to see Solo either!

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