Christopher Robin: 5 Reasons Why I’m Excited

Okay so you must have seen the new trailer to Christopher Robin! It was released last Friday and even James Gunn ( writer/director of Guardians of the Galaxy) is excited! He tweeted over the weekend, quote: “The Christopher Robin trailer just ice-cream-scooped the child out of me and became my number-one-most-anticipated film.” This is exactly how I felt after watching it…

…How did you feel?

This was not a film I thought I was going to get excited about. I had no idea what to expect, and I couldn’t understand why Disney chose to do a live-action film starring the Silly-old-Bear, when he’s had so many animated films and shorts over the last 3 decades. So here are 5 reasons why I’m now excited to see Christopher Robin…

    Hearing Jim Cumming’s voice alone, makes me think of my childhood. I know he wasn’t the original voice of Pooh and Tigger, but I always think of those characters when I see his name. To me, he IS Pooh and Tigger. When I was really young, one of the first video tapes I had was The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. And I had all the special’s on video as well, like the Christmas ones. I also used to watch the TV series and had some of the episodes on video to watch over and over again. I grew out of Winnie the Pooh when I reached my teens, and I never watched them again until I had Jacob. So yes I felt very nostalgic while watching the trailer. 6 year old Jamie woke up.
  2. Winnie the Pooh is REAL
    I had no expectations of what the characters from Hundred Acre Wood would look like, but I never expected them to look like real stuffed toys that also look like the characters from the videos I watched. The detail thats gone into the design is amazing, because this time round they’ve incorporated some of the original colour from the books.
  3. Growing up doesn’t mean forgetting
    Being a Disney fan, I read a lot of negative comments on social media about how Disney is for kids, and anyone who loves Disney need to grow up. Well this film is clearly got a message for us adults who have grown up and maybe forgotten about imagination and magic. You can be an adult and still love or be passionate about something you enjoyed when you were a child.
  4. The Merchandise
    OH MY GOD I can’t wait to see the merchandise. They better release merchandise. They must know the plush will sell?! I would definitely get the plush for the boys. Or if they did a doll of Ewen McGregor as Christopher Robin holding onto to Pooh Bear’s hand eeeeeeek!!!!
  5. My Boys
    Jacob goes through phases of watching certain movies over and over again, and thankfully, he’s obsessed with Winnie the Pooh at the moment. His favourite films are “Winnie the Pooh” (2011) and “Pooh’s Heffalump Movie” (2004). Finnley loves it too, so I don’t have a battle with how many times Jacob puts them on, and Me and Ben enjoy watching them as well. Now I don’t think Jacob is ready for going to the cinema yet, but come Christmas, the DVD will be out, and I really hope he’ll sit and watch it. And if he “grows out” of watching the animated films for whatever reason, he will hopefully appreciate the live-action more, and not be “too old” to watch it with his mum, dad and his little brother.

I am counting the days until the movie is released, and I already have a date to go with me to the cinema (my friend Steven). I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be an emotional ride for us fans. Who else is excited to see it?

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday.” – Winnie the Pooh


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