Celebrating 5 Years Married With 5 Facts About My Wedding

Today is a very special day… Me and the Mr, are celebrating 5 years of marriage! Now thats something to shout about! I remember the day like it was yesterday. Although it was not what I originally had in mind for my wedding day. As soon as Ben popped the question 18 months prior, I had always imagined I would get married away somewhere like Las Vegas, or on a Beach just me and him. If I’d have had the money, obviously I would have gotten married at Disneyland. I ordered a brochure not realising how expensive it was lol. Oh well…

So I thought, to celebrate, I would share 5 facts about my wedding, because, my wedding was not traditional, but it was a fantastic day, and my Grandma still talks about it now, and tells everyone it was the best wedding she’d ever been to…

Now I did not intentionally NOT wear white. I wasn’t fussed about the colour, just as long as I liked it, and I felt comfortable. I did not go to a wedding dress shop (it’s not my thing) instead, I went to the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham with my sister, sister-in-law, my mum and my mother-in-law. I had liked a dress in French Connection but I had to order it to get my size, so we went into Accessorize to find a hair piece and bag, and I walked into Monsoon and there on a mannequin was my dress! I think it was actually supposed to be a bridesmaid dress, but I didn’t care. When I tried it on in the fitting room, I knew it was the one. The skirt was to my knee, silver grey with beautiful broaches on each strap. Definitely not a traditional wedding dress, but I loved it, and i felt so beautiful in it on the day.img_7212

Like I said earlier, I wanted to go away and get married, but Ben and I knew our parents would be upset, so we compromised, and only had our immediate family, and a close friend each. Which meant we only had 20 people, including me and Ben on the day.

My Dad couldn’t make it due to illness, so my Grandad stepped up and offered to walk me down the isle instead. I was so glad he did, it meant a lot to him to be there, and he wore his tartan suit! Yes I walked down the isle to Barry White, “You’re the First, the Last, my everything”! My Grandma was dancing and got everyone else to join in, it was fab!img_7211

My mother-in-law wanted to get the cake for us, but I didn’t want anything extravagant or over the top. I just wanted a plain victoria sponge cake that I could sit my Mickey and Minnie cake topper on. She added a couple of wedding decorations to it, like horse shoes and a ribbon, but it was such a lovely cake, just plain white icing, and it tasted SO GOOD!

No we didn’t have a reception, and no we didn’t fly off to somewhere exotic after we said “I do” (although I wouldn’t have minded that). Everyone went back to our house, which was decorated with bunting, balloons, banners, flowers and we partied in the garden! We cooked and made up the food the day before and laid out a buffet, and had plenty of wine and beer for our guests.

Our wedding wasn’t traditional and it was small and it wasn’t expensive. But it was a super day, that we always talk about and have great memories that we can’t wait to share with the boy when they’re older.
If money wasn’t an option, it would have been Disneyland, no question. I still would have chosen my dress, my cake, and the guests we had, but Disneyland would have been a magical setting to have for a wedding.
If you’re thinking or planning your future wedding, just remember to do what YOU want to do, and make the day about YOU and your partner. It’s a special day, and its a day celebrating two people who love each other, and it should be the happiest day.img_7213

“You’ll be in my heart, from this day on, now and forever more” – Tarzan


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