Mickey Memories

Last year was probably the best year in Disney merch, and it was all to do with a special birthday! Mickey Mouse turned 90 last November, and EVERYONE seemed to be celebrating it. Popular retailers were all getting involved and selling something original to mark this special milestone. As a massive Mickey fan, I was in heaven.

The Disney Store went that little bit further, and released a unique collection every month that represented all the decades Mickey has lived through. The collection included a Mickey Mouse Plush, pin set and mug, and it was called ‘The Mickey Memories Collection’. 12 months ago, the first collection was released representing the 1920’s and it was the only month you could purchase the limited edition pin book, for all 12 pin sets. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, this collection every month was LIMITED! Which became a bit of an issue…

I remember trying to decide whether I was going to purchase the first plush or not. While I was in the store deciding, I noticed another plush available, and it was a slightly larger Mickey plush as Steamboat Willie, and I thought it looks better than the limited Mickey Memories plush I was holding in my hand. I also knew I couldn’t afford to buy this plush every month. So that day I made the decision to not start the collection and I got the Steamboat Mickey plush instead for Jacob’s birthday.
It wasn’t until February’s Mickey Memories collection was released that it went CRAZY! They were sold out stupidly quick online and in store, and few fans who were planning on collecting all 12, missed out on the February plush, and sadly they appeared, along with January’s, on eBay for STUPID money!
By the time the March collection was released, The Disney Store had to limit it to “one per guest” or “two per household” and created a ticketing system. They still hadn’t anticipated the sales, and there were still a lot of people missing out on completing their collection, and it had barely begun.
I think it was by the time the June collection was released, The Disney Store had managed to get a little bit more stock, and during the summer, selected stores were receiving extra stock of June, July and August plush.

I followed a lot of stories on Instagram involving fans queueing up in the early hours of the morning outside their local Disney store to grab their Mickey Memories set. My favourite to follow was Gregory Gaige, who bought the entire set every month and would do a review that day.
Even though I didn’t collect the Mickey Memories, I still felt part of all the excitement, and I LOVED looking at everyones instagram pictures of their recent purchase or of their collection so far.

However, when I saw a leaked photo of September’s release I got butterflies in my stomach and I felt instant nostalgia. September’s design represented the 90’s, the decade that is most memorable for me as a child, the decade I grew up in, the decade of the best Disney animated feature films, and live action films. The design was torcoise, with bright yellow zig zags, and baby pink Mickey Heads. Mickey’s ears were covered in white hundred & thousands. It reminded me of the “Saved by the Bell” intro. I HAD TO GET IT!
So for the first time, I joined the gang for one morning and waited patiently online to put my September Mickey Memories plush in my online shopping basket. I couldn’t get to my local store because of my boys, so I had to take the chance online. I was unlucky that morning, the site crashed and was glitching for like 20 minutes, and I missed out. I’ve never been so upset before over a plush!? It was so silly, but I really was gutted.
I was so annoyed and unhappy about it, and it played on my mind for ages, I contacted The Disney Store to find out if they were going to receive anymore stock of the September Mickey, like that had for the previous three months. I got a “no”. So I got desperate, and went on eBay.
I know, I know, how could I? But I REALLY REALLY wanted him. But don’t worry, I didn’t pay a stupid amount, I found one that was £5 more than the original Disney Store Price, and it was from a lovely lady who purchased two online by accident, and just wanted her money back including postage. So yeah I paid more, not a lot more, but oh he was worth it! When he arrived I almost cried with joy. He was my favourite purchase last year, and he’s all mine!

The September Mickey Memories Plush was the only thing I bought from the entire collection. I don’t regret not buying others, and to be honest, because of my boys, I wouldn’t have physically been able to queue at silly o’clock in the morning outside the store, and the website was a hit or a miss, so it’s just as well.

But looking back, it didn’t feel like 12 months, it felt like 12 weeks! If anything, The Mickey Memories collection is a good example of how quick last year flew by. It was a success in the end, and I think most of the people who wanted to complete the collection, managed to get all 12.
Personally I think The Disney Store did really good with the Mickey Memories collection. There was something for everyone with the Plush, Pin set and mug. And they are going to try and continue that success this year with new collection called “The Wisdom Collection”. I’m very excited. I’m not committing to the collection, but from what Ive seen of the released photos, and leaked photos, there may be one or two I might purchase down the line.
The first to be released is Dumbo, and like the Mickey Memories, The Wisdom collection will be released on the 18th of every month. So i’ll be stalking instagram over the weekend to see pictures of everyone’s Dumbo purchase.

Did you like The Mickey Memories Collection? Did you manage to get your hands on any of the Mickey’s? Which month was your favourite? Let me know in the comments, or via twitter or instagram!

“I only hope we don’t lose sight of one thing – That it all started with a Mouse.” – Walt Disney


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