Aladdin – Now I’m Excited!

So earlier this week, a second trailer was officially released for the new live-action Aladdin film, that will be released May 25th. THANK GOD, they released this trailer, cus I was a wee bit worried with the first trailer, but NOW I’M EXCITED!

When I heard AGES ago that they were making a live-action film of Aladdin, I was like “yes this would be so good as a live-action film”, especially because of where its set, and the colours, and because special effects is so advanced now, making the flying carpet fly and turning Abu into an elephant, and seeing The Genie, wouldn’t be difficult. And when the casting started, I was glad I didn’t know the actors playing Alddin, Jasmine and Jafar. I find, unknown actors surprise us the most, I mean look at Diasy Riddley and John Boyega! Then the announcement that Will Smith was given the role of The Genie, I mean, who else could have gotten that role?! Perfect casting added to my excitement very early on. Then I heard Guy Ritchie was directing, and I thought “Really!? A British Gangster film maker, directing a Disney musical?” My excitement, turned into concern. But then I thought, Guy Ritchie could surprise us, maybe making a Disney musical is what he’s always wanted to do, and he’s going to make it unique, put a spin on it, just not a gangster spin I hope.

Up until recently, I would say this live-action remake has had the most discussion and debate between fans, due to the casting choices, and directer. I know a lot of fans were not convinced Will Smith was going to do a good job of playing The Genie, and some still don’t believe he should have been cast. I can’t think of ANYONE else that they could have chosen to play The Genie. I was very happy to hear he was cast, and I was confident he would make it his own, and not try to copy Robin Williams.
Then the first official trailer was released at the beginning of the year and I got really worried. It seemed very dark, and not colourful, well not as colourful as I imagined, and the tiny clip they added at the end, revealing The Genie did not do Will Smith justice, and it caused concern for me. Images on set were released as well to give fans an idea of how the chosen main cast looked as their characters, and yeah fans weren’t sure about how Will Smith was looking. Bald with a pony-tale? He looked more like Sinbad than The Genie, and it didn’t help the set photos didn’t show him blue.

The Lion King was now getting all my excitement…

That is until this week when the second trailer dropped and it gave me GOOSEBUMPS! The 7 year old Jamie was EXCITED! Jasmine looks BEAUTIFUL, Aladdin is good looking, despite being a “street rat” and The Genie… I think Will Smith might steal the role! The clip where you see his giant blue hand control puppet Aladdin gave me the biggest smile! So it looks like they are going to try and re-create a lot of the animated scenes that we loved nearly 30 years ago. Yay! Oh and I also liked the clip where The Genie was dressed similar to the crowd, giving Aladdin advice and then magically pushing him towards Jasmine… This shows they’ve created new scenes as well, and I like it!

Take a look at both trailers, see if you agree with me…

Doesn’t the second trailer give a much better impression of the film, making you more excited?!

I have now planned to see this on opening night with friends who are also excited to see it. Yes I am going to have high expectations, especially because I loved the Beauty and the Beast live-action so much, and I thought they got that spot on.
What about you, are you excited to see this re-make? Do you think it looks good based on the trailer? Let me know what you think.

“No matter what anybody says, you’ll always be a prince to me” – The Genie


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