Support: It’s Important

So a few weeks ago I remember reading a tweet from a beauty and lifestyle blogger, and she made a point of letting the world know that in her opinion, anyone in her life that didn’t support her blog and what she was doing she wouldn’t have in her life, and that they weren’t really friends etc. Now at first I thought, wow that is extreme, I can’t remember who tweeted it, and I wish I had sent her a tweet and had a chat with her about it because it has been in the back of mind since I read her tweet. And then I thought, I’m gonna say what my opinion is, and how I feel about the subject of “support”.
Weirdly, another blogger that I follow, Jenny saw the same tweet as me, and she has posted her opinion on it, it’s different from mine, but I read it, and she made a very good point in her blog post, and I would recommend you read at as well, so click here.
I messaged Jenny and told her briefly my opinion and how i feel, and I also told her how I had done a post about it as well, I’d just not published it. So let’s get to my opinion on the hot topic of “support”…

Support can come in many different ways, and can come from anyone. When I made the choice to start a blog, which I’d wanted to do for a while, I just didn’t know how or why I should do it, I didn’t make it public among my family and work colleagues. I felt comfortable telling friends, and obviously I told my husband.
With family, I didn’t think they knew about blogging, and because they had no idea I had an interest in it, they may have thought it was strange of me to be doing it. With work, I generally didn’t think it was any of their business, and i didn’t want them to have something to gossip about, or to pretend they were interested, just so they could see my website and be nosey etc.
After I started blogging, I slowly started telling immediate family members, like my mum, sister and in-laws. They all wanted to know about it, and at first, wanted to read what I was posting. My husband on the other hand, had a typical male attitude towards it, he thought he was being encouraging, telling me “if that’s what you want to do darling” or “yeah i’ll read it later” etc. I ignored it at first, because I was too excited and nervous about starting my blog, I didn’t let it bother me all that much in the beginning.

I’ve had my blog for over 3 years now, and my husband would not be able to tell you the last post he read of mine, or how to find my website. Now my husband is not on social media, never has been, but he can google, and loves to read news, sport and useless pieces of information on the World Wide Web!
He also is not a massive Disney fan like myself, so his interest in what I have to say wouldn’t be at the top of his list, which is fair enough. But he doesn’t have to show me support by reading every single blog post that I write. He can support me by asking me now and again, “how’s your blog doing?” or “have you written a blog post this week?” or “what’s this week’s blog post about?” etc. Theres lots of things he could ask/say, that would show his support and interest in what I’m doing. He doesn’t.

Life gets in the way a lot of the time, so it’s not something that I dwell on a lot, but now and again, he’ll tell me something about some crap he read online, or a video he watched, and i think to myself, “why don’t you read my website instead?”.
Where as, friends I’ve made through twitter, instagram and blogging, people, I’ve never met, have been very supportive and very encouraging. They don’t necessarily read every post, but they’ll retweet my post or mention me in their insta-stories, and I love that.

Older family members I think are different, because the internet is sometimes still so new to them, and because I’m not close with most of my family in Scotland as I was when I was younger because of geography, I don’t bother getting upset over the fact that they probably aren’t aware I am a blogger.
But the people that are in my life constantly, who are important to me, family and friends, I think could show more support than they do, because I think I show my support when I ask them about their hobbies and interests.
AndI think support can help with deeper issues like mental health, because if you feel that you aren’t getting support from those close to you in regards to your passion, interest and in some cases, job, then that could have an affect on your mental health. Or am I stretching it a bit? Well it certainly hurts me personally knowing that my husband doesn’t show support or interest in my blog, and it’s something I will be addressing soon with him (watch it, future blog post).

Jenny from Jenny in Neverland has a different opinion, although I do agree that I don’t expect my blog to be read by everyone in my life, and like I said earlier, she makes a really good point of her opinion and is worth a read.

But how do you feel about support? Is there a hobby or interest or job that you have that you feel you should be supported on? Or do you not need the support from family and friends? let me know, leave a comment, or send me a tweet!


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