We Booked Disneyland Paris!

The countdown has officially begun! We booked our first family trip to Disney…. OH BOY! Ever since the boys were born, we have been dreaming of their first visit to Disneyland, and meeting their favourite characters, flying on Dumbo, and watching the magical fireworks. We are so excited as parents, and because we want to go back so badly ourselves. But ultimately, witnessing the boys reactions to seeing the park for the first time, seeing the castle, meeting Mickey, it’s going to be magical and memorable for us.
So expect a lot of posts leading up to the big trip which is just over 30 weeks away, because we are starting to get organised and ready for the trip ALREADY! There’s still lots of things we need to get, like ears, outfits, backpacks etc. But we are no experts, and so we’ve also been reading lots of tips and advice on going with a family, and watched A LOT of vlogs too. If you have any advice for us, or handy tips, please let me know in a comment or on twitter, it would be very appreciated.

Now lets tell you about the trip we’ve booked… I must also add, that my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and mother are also joining us on this trip, as they’ve never been, AND my sister and mother will be celebrating their 30th and 60th birthday while we’re there!
We’ve booked November, for 5 nights and 6 days, and we’re all staying onsite at Hotel Cheyenne. We chose Cheyenne because the boys love Toy Story, and the rooms are Woody themed! The table lamps are cowboy boots! We’ve also got the half-board meal plan included and of course, our park tickets.
We know we could have done it slightly cheaper by staying offsite, but for our first family trip, we just wanted to be as close to the park as possible, have nice room, and not worry about food. Oh but we are driving! Yep, my husband worked out, that its 50 miles less to Disneyland Paris, than it is to Aberdeen, Scotland, where my family live! And we’ve done that drive loads of times, so the drive to Disney shouldn’t be an issue… we hope.

November IS going to be cold, we know, and we are planning on wearing a different Disney jumper everyday, rather than a t-shirt. HOWEVER, it’s going to be CHRISTMAS THEMED!!!! Oh its going to be so magical, SO EXCITED!

So that’s our planned trip with the family, and like I said, there will be more posts to come in regards to the holiday, like what we’re planning on wearing, where we’re planning on eating, and anything else I think you’d like to know.

Have a magical day!


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