Disneyland Paris: Our Choice Of Hotel

When we first discussed our trip to Disneyland Paris, about a year ago, we originally planned to stay at Davy Crocket’s Cabins. We thought having our own space, away from the park and away from the business, might the best option for the kids, and the cheapest. But taking everything into account, by the time it came around to booking the trip, we changed our minds on where we were going to stay for a couple of reasons, which I’ll get to later. Remember, we’re also traveling with grandma, auntie Holly, uncle matt and our nephew, Zach, and altogether, we chose Hotel Cheyenne.

Cheyenne has always appealed to us because of the theme, all the boys love Toy Story, and most of the rooms are themed around Woody. Perfect! I can’t wait for Jacob and Finnley to see our room. I hope we get a cowboy boot lamp!
We are aware that, along with Hotel Santa Fe, it’s the furthest away from the parks. In terms of travel, yes its gone be a walk every day there and back, but I’m hoping it will be quiet, peaceful, and not too overwhelming for the boys.

We’ve watched so many youtube videos, and read reviews online about the hotel, and so far the majority would recommend it. The only negative reviews I saw or read were during renovations of the hotel or nearby hotels.

We could have gone for a much cheaper option, which would have been away from the parks, a bus ride away, or a train journey away. We could have stuck with our original choice, Davy Crocket, which is sometimes slightly cheaper depending on the time of year. But for our first family trip, we wanted to be as close to the parks as possible, especially because the boys are only going to be 2 and 4 years old. I wanted to have the advantage of getting back to our hotel for any reason, whenever I wanted and as quick as possible. The thought of being in one of the parks and Finnley having an explosion in his nappy, or Jacob forgetting to let me know he needs the toilet, and having an accident, and then getting on a train or bus to get back to the hotel to bath them and change them. What a carry on. Where as, staying on site, makes that scenario slightly less dreadful.
We plan on getting to the parks as early as possible, and having the magic hours due to staying on site we will have that advantage. Will the boys manage to power through all day though? If I feel they’ve done a lot in the morning, and wanted to take them back to the hotel for a nap or rest, and then go back out later, I can. Or if we manage to get them to enjoy the parks up until supper time, we can travel back to the hotel, chill out, freshen up and then go for food and enjoy the hotel facilities.

Fortunately for us, our choice was also made affordable, due to the special offer Disney was promoting for the time of year we are going. We got 25% off and halfboard meal plan included. And when we compared Cheyenne with our original choice, Davy Crocket, we would have spent more money buying food if we stuck with the cabin, because the meal plans are not included with Davy Crocket’s cabins.

There are better hotels on site, of course, and they are more expensive. But with our boys being so young, what we get at Cheyenne, will be fine for them, especially the play park, and the soft play inside. If they were older, then yes, paying more for a hotel with better facilities like a pool would be worth it. But then again, that’s not what you go to Disneyland for. The hotel is just for sleeping. And as a mum, if any accidents happen, or one of them is having an off day and not cooperating, I can take them back to the hotel for clean up, and downtime.

This will be our first big family holiday, so any tips or advice for parents with toddlers going to Disney would be greatly appreciated. We are so looking forward to it!


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